Fashion Trend and Lifestyle

FashionTrend and Lifestyle

FashionTrend and Lifestyle

Traditionallyelders were respected all over and if they could make a commentconcerning something it would be taken with seriousness. NowadaysFashion trend has come to overturn everything and no one is ready tolisten to the elders on how they are supposed to dress. Averageindividuals are found to be conformist since they tend to follow whatis in the market rather than listening to their elders. When newfashions are brought in the market, it can be noted that some typesof dresses are only meant to go for parties and not to wear in frontof people during working hours. Some people wear funny clothes whichour traditions do not accept that makes them be rebuked. When theyare rebuked, many end up rejecting the whole society claiming thatthe community is in the old gone days. Individuals tend to believethey are nonconformists since they change with time and fashion, butin the real sense, they are lifestyle and artistic conformists.

Emersontries to explain about individuals with faux expressions who are notalways settled. Due to nature, some are found doing something whichtheir conscience tells them it is wrong. It is not that they likedoing wrong things, but due to changing of lifestyle most of them tryto fix in shoes that they cannot fit. Many rebel the culture of ourforefathers and at the end they face a lot of troubles. Emerson’scues give us a good picture for those who portray fakecharacteristics. For instance, in the streets one may meet withpeople wearing funny dresses, but when they realized someone iswatching them, many end up hiding in the nearby buildings. It is aclean picture that some people behaviors and style of living are onlydue to the kind of fashion trend across the globe.

Individualswho stick to follow their attitude also can be considered to beconformists. We have people who show a negative attitude towardssomething and to convince them it becomes a big problem. Such kind ofpeople believes that what they know is exactly the truth.

Thus,they are fixed on one side of matters and no time they can move onthe other side which could be the best. Nature sometimes helps tosharpen individuals and with time they are found to be conformists.Problems which people come across resulting from certain factors canmake them think they are nonconformist. Nature tries to make thingslook sometimes easier or difficult depending on how somebody takesit. For example, there are those individuals who believe they cannotdo anything to stop desertification from encroaching in a fasterpace. Such kind of people just proclaims that it is only God whoknows what is happening. Individuals having such behaviors areconformist with nature and only live and rebel anything put forwardby mankind to help to protect the vegetation cover. Emerson comes todescribe nature as an inevitable thing. It is through nature that weare supposed to change our ideas and follow what God orders us to do.On the other hand, those who have false ideas cannot apply theknowledge they have to change our environment to be a better place.

Inconclusion, fashion trend and artistic lifestyle can make individualsbe conformists and rebel what our elders used to do. By doing so,some are found in major problems which they cannot explain butbecause they see others doing it they think is just the right channelto follow. Conformists stick on what their conscience tells them butopenly many think that they are changing with the current world.