Feminist Epistemology


I believe that the society has often placed more attention on themale narratives and that has led to the gender inequality instead.Most scholars believe that we live in a patriarchal society thatfavors the men yet, the women are ignored. In fact, the society isbased on various stereotypes that undermine the position of women inthe society. For instance, some men believe that the women’sposition in the society remains in the kitchen. Some will believethat they are supposed to handle the child-bearing and otherhousehold chores instead. In some scenarios, men will even view womenas sexual objects that lack the intelligence to think creatively andengage in other productive activities (Kabeer &amp Natali, 2013).However, the stereotypes are often based on the male narratives asopposed to what the women think. In this case, the women will revealhow they are equally intelligent and also have the power and vigor tosucceed in various job positions. The women’s perspective mightalso highlight the challenges that they have to undergo because oftheir gender. Most women might reveal how the society looks at themas weak, emotional and vulnerable people. In the process, the societyeven fails to trust them with leadership positions and other benefitsthat the society might provide. Hence, looking at the femalenarrative is a crucial way of evaluating the multiple perspectivesand erasing any gender stereotypes.

Our awareness of the world will improve if we focus on the womenperspectives of life. In fact, women have undergone some experiencesthat the men have not. The scenario shows that both genders oftenhelp in understanding a concept more clearly. It also helps inevaluating both ideas and reducing any biased scenarios, and thatwill facilitate equality as well. Hence, understanding the women’sperspective will assist in debunking some myths that the societyholds against their gender (Kabeer &amp Natali, 2013). Theirnarrative will capture their struggle to fit in the society and theresistance they face. For instance, they might have to work extrahard to prove that they are worth a certain job position. In somecases, they are supposed to have high grades to have some lucrativejob opportunities. As a result, the women’s experiences willclearly change the awareness that the society holds. The scenariomight also help the male members of the community to nurture an equalplatform where the women can compete fairly to get a job and otherproductive opportunities. Understanding the struggles of a motherthat deals with child-bearing might reveal viable qualities of aleader. In the process, the society might be willing to elect afemale leader since they are affectionate and caring.

StudentResponse 1

The fact that you have highlighted the general meaning of man and howthe historical meaning refers to the human race is enlightening.However, looking at the question in terms of the gender roles mightreveal critical insights that will help in understanding the issue ofinequality. More importantly, I agree that looking at multipleperspectives increase the overall understanding of a certain topic.In fact, understanding another perspective also helps in reducing thegender inequality as well.

StudentResponse 2

I felt like you could have covered a lot of male and femalenarratives more to focus on the topic. In this case, I also believethat the women’s experiences are more important since it highlightsthe issues that the male’s perspective cannot reveal. Hence,getting both points of view is instrumental in ensuring thatsomething is unbiased and straight to the point as well.


Kabeer, N., &amp Natali, L. (2013). Gender Equality and EconomicGrowth: Is there a Win‐Win?.IDS Working Papers, 2013(417), 1-58.