Femmes Fatales





Post-humanvampires fill the place left by the slayers and are feral intellectsthat do not have any empathy. Primarily, they are led by theirobsession hence, they are enslaved due to the loss of humanity thatcommands consensus. Moreover, the post-human vampires are materialsthat do not require ethical choice.

Inessence, vampires present supernatural qualities and can destroy anentire community through murder in a bid to get something to consume.Vampires usually portray the human character such as romance althoughthey mostly transform their lover into vampires too. Vampire storiesare fascinating as they recount the explorative nature of thepredatory creatures. The endless desire for human blood depicts theinhumane traits of vampires. Moreover, most of the vampires tend todevelop relationships with their predators before they devour them,for instance, Miriam a vampire must have a relationship with at leastsome of her prey.


&nbspVampireWitch, Serial Killer, or All of the Above? The Bloody CountessElizabeth Bathory


Thearticlerecountsthe fictional elements presented by Elizabeth Bathory regarding thevampire and witch folklore. Primarily, the text provides historicalinformation about Elizabeth Bathory and utilizes literal genre ofimagery to enhance the flow of the story. Elizabeth’s homicidalbehavior resulted from the environment where she was born.

Murderswere prevalent in the society whereby they were committed due to lackof empathy and selfish desires of psychopathic killers likeElizabeth. Elizabeth’s murderous impulses would be attributed toher sexuality and her beliefs. She committed her serial execution toenhance her stay as a youth as was articulated by the witchcraft andoccult belief.

Question3-Film Review

Titleof film: TheHunger&nbsp

Theplot of the film: Thefilm is erotic horror starring CatherineDeneuve, Susan Sarandon, and David Bowie it is directed by TonyScotts. Miriam is the main character and a dangerous vampire thatpossess bisexual traits. The film narrates a love triangle storybetween a vampire, her cellist companion, and a doctor thatspecializes in sleep and aging research.

Thetheme of the film:The main theme of the film is romance as it revolves around a lovetriangle between a genealogist and a vampire couple.

Howwas the “vampire” portrayed in this film: Miriamand John the vampire are described as dangerous and supernaturalbeings.

Howdid society react to the “vampire?: Thesociety is unaware of the existence of vampires people would notsuspect the couple’s queer behavior.

Whatwere the characteristics of the slayer? Theslayer is determined to devour her targeted victim.

UnderlyingMessage: Thesociety could not suspect Miriam and John’s vampiristic actsdespite having supernatural qualities.

Summary:Vampiresaredestructive and utilize their supernatural qualities to attain theirdesires in life.