Film Critique


Frozenfilm is an animated musical that was directed by Jennifer Lee andChris Buck. The film was produced in 2013 by Walt Disney. Theinspiration of Frozenis from “The Snow Queen” story. The main focus of the film is onPrincess Anna in finding her sister Elsa, who is depicted to havemagic powers (Simpson et al. 46). The two sisters, Princess Anna andElsa, appear as the main characters. After having been separated fora time while growing up, Anna and Elsa meet at Elsa’s coronationparty. Coerced to associate with outsiders after years, Elsa becomesworried that her powers might be revealed. On the other hand, hersister is elated to have visitors in the palace and meeting Elsa.However, Elsa becomes cold and distances herself making Annadevastated. It is at this point that Anna meets Hans. Elsaaccidentally utilizes her magical powers to change the climate ofArendale. When the climate changed, Anna has the responsibility ofgetting Elsa back so as to stop the modified weather. Anna joinsforces with Kristoff, the mountaineer, and his sidekick to search forElsa to break her spell. The report will discuss the theme offeminism portrayed in the movie as well as why the film is good.

Theconcept of feminism has been depicted in the film and has beenmirrored through the character Anna. This character has beenpresented to have girl power that makes her ambitious, assertive, andcapable of acting independently. The idea of feminism has been shownthrough Anna, where she plays a leading role in the search for hersister, Elsa. She is portrayed as being courageous and having theability to lead others despite her being a female. Throughout thejourney to find Elsa, Anna is shown to have a clear goal and approachon how to proceed with the mission (Englandet al. 555).For instance, she purchased tools and carrots that Kristoff needed toact as an exchange for his guide to the North Mountain. This made heremerge as the leader of the team. Indeed, because of her actions, sheis seen to have heroin characteristics. Moreover, the role of male inthe society has been ignored on purpose in the film so as to show thepower of the female characters (Englandet al. 555).For example, in the movie, Elsa is depicted to be involved in no maleromantic relationship involving males. Furthermore, instead of a malebeing the rescuer, the film portrays Anna, a female, as the rescuer.

Differentthings make Frozena good film. One of the aspects is the visuals. The movie has clearvisuals that are critical to passing the message. The clarity of thevisuals is important since it makes the pictures appealing to theeyes. This means that, when watching the film, one does not need tostruggle to identify the characters. The movement of animations inthe film seemed natural emanating from the clarity of the visuals.Besides, due to the clarity of the pictures in the movie, it isfeasible to enjoy every single detail. Another reason why the film isgood is that it has a major character who acts as a real person,which brings reality into the movie. The characteristics of Anna areso real that they can make the audience relate to the real world. Thecharacter is funny and lovable and does not portray a perfect postureor the best manners. This is important since she does not give theaudience a certain way that they should relate to if they areprincesses.

Furthermore,the movie is good since at the end there is a lesson to be learned.Sometimes, films may be difficult to understand the message beingbrought to the audience. However, in this film, there is no needsince the message is straightforward. The lesson that the filmattempts to stress is the importance of love. In the end, the filmteaches the audience to love everybody. In addition, the movie isgood due to its music. The film incorporates music that makes itlively. The use of music in the movie also provides a resilientexperience while watching the film as it has craftily been included.


Frozenhas been directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck. The main focus ofthe film is on Princess Anna in finding her sister Elsa, who isdepicted to have magic powers. The concept of feminism has beendepicted in the film and has been mirrored through the characterAnna. Feminism has been shown through Anna, where she plays a leadingrole in the search for her sister, Elsa. She is portrayed as beingcourageous and having the ability to lead others despite her being afemale. Frozenis a good movie because it has clear visuals that are critical topassing the message. The clarity of the visuals is important since itmakes the pictures appealing to the eyes. Also, it has a lesson atthe end which is love to all.


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