Finding Forrester




Themovie talks about a novelist William Forrester who took on a teenagernamed Jamal Wallace and helped him improve his writing. The filmjourneys through the relationship between the boy and the elderly man(Ellison,56).He impacted the boy in more ways than one where the boy also affectedthe man who initially wanted to keep his writing as a secret. Theteenager at the beginning of the movie is a basketball player, whonever had a talent for writing. Forrester used to live in anapartment that was adjacent to the basketball court where Jamal andhis friends used to play. The boys dared Jamal sent him to the seniorman’s apartment, which he did. He did not expect to meet theelderly man in his house who had returned for his forgotten backpackat the apartment. The man had carried the bag leaving some notes inJamal’s journal. This is how Jamal discovered the man’s prowessin writing.

Thesubsequent events led to a close relationship between the two andtranslated to an increased passion for writing for Jamal. Forresterhad written a book called ‘Avalon Landing,` of which Jamaldiscovered. He requested the elderly man to help him to improve hiswriting on which the man agreed. The man taught him not to analyzetoo much when writing, but just go on and type where the story willbuild up itself. This was demonstrated when Forrester started typingon a typewriter he could not stop from there. Too much thinking onwriting causes a writer to fabricate stories and end up not capturingthe reader. Jamal started off by rewriting Forrester’s stories towork on his writing. He participated in a writing contest and usedthe first and the last paragraphs of one of Forrester’s works(Ellison,72).Upon review, they found that he had plagiarized his works anddisqualified him from the competition. He had to prove not to havecopied the original academic material, but had used it withpermission. Forrester was hesitant at first because he did not wantpeople to recognize that he had made a mistake. The movie ends withForrester agreeing to accept that he had permitted Jamal and thus theplagiarism charges were dropped.

Anotherimportant tip that the man taught Jamal was to be very descriptive inhis language. Describing things even the tiny little details count increating a mental picture in whoever reading it (Ellison,124).This is what usually sets good writers apart, making the reader feelall the emotions that you are trying to describe. The skills he wastaught transformed him in writing excellent pieces that were evensuspected of plagiarism. He got to learn new words and use some ofthe terms the man used in his book. He became more confident in hiswriting and got to realize the importance of getting a highereducation.

Themovie taught me a lot about writing, and I added it on to my existingknowledge about writing. The way I approach my writing is somewhatunique. I always start with the end in mind then work backwardtowards the outset. It is not that different from the conventionalstyle of writing, but I work best after understanding what needs tobe done. If it is an essay, I usually think of a topic that clinchedduring the prewriting stage. Then I envision the article’sportrayal depending on the subject. This acts as my muse whenwriting. After deciding upon one topic, I start listing the pointsthat are essential to use. This serves as a guide when writing anessay where I organize points in chronological order.

Thewriting part then becomes easy. Since I had done research on thosetopics, the writing or typing does not cease. I just keep on writingmaking sure I do not deviate from the topic or thesis. Once I amdone, I proofread it and ask one of my classmates to go through it tofind whether there are grammar mistakes. I reread many times toconfirm the essay is grammatically correct and rectify any founderrors or mistakes.


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