Focus and concentration in Chapter 16 of “Jesus the Evangelist” and in “The Mental Game of Baseball”

Focusand concentration in Chapter 16 of “Jesus the Evangelist” and in“The Mental Game of Baseball”

Focusand concentration in Chapter 16 of “Jesus the Evangelist” and in“The Mental Game of Baseball”

Inlife, it is easy to encounter situations that call for extreme focusand attention to achieve the tasks at hand. Generally, having atarget for any effort will increase chances of success in suchendeavors. Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the source ofsalvation. Therefore, they aspire to be like him and direct theireffort to achieve what they desire most. Similarly, every player inthe game of baseball aspires to get the ball to the target and thiswill usually take a lot of time focusing and concentrating to createopportunities to hit the target. This paper will reflect on the focusand concentration in the four friends who deliver a paralytic man tobe healed by Jesus and baseball players described in the “MentalGame of Baseball”.

Fora Christians to retain their enthusiasm and zeal, they have todenounce so much of the worldly possessions and selflessly dedicatetheir life to Jesus Christ. Such a Christian is usually veryconfident, in turn, this will help keep the zeal and believe inChrist. His or her goal will not be shattered. The concentration inprayers and fasting will increase with each passing day as heattempts to take control of his life, and as much as possible incontrol of the destiny he or she wants. Similarly, the best baseballplayers will push themselves to the limits to hit the target. Thiswill come as a commitment to achieve a goal and they hold themselvesresponsible for their achievement. For this, the baseball player willwork tirelessly and reflect about the next move to make. Also,players who do not enjoy will also work hard for the team that bankon their concentration to hit the target. Relaxation enables thebaseball players to be in control of their performance. The playerrelaxes in uncomfortable environment to deal with adversity.

Thestory ofthe healing ofthe paralytic man presents four Christians who understood thedirection they intended to take against the one the multitudeexpected them to go. A great multitude had gathered and there was nopossibility of them meeting Jesus. They must have been discouraged bythe great multitude. However, the multitude did not blur their focusneither did the weight of the paralytic man. In baseball, the key tohitting the target is focus and concentration. An enthusiasticbaseball player will not allow distractors and others needs oropinions interfere with his own goals. This type of player just likethe four friends approaches the game from the right direction. Forthe four friends, the multitude blocked the usual direction and theyneeded a bit of innovation and creativity to approach the target fromthe roof of the building. For the baseball player, one should knowhis current positioning, where he intends to be and how to get there.

Fromthe “TheMental Game of Baseball,” I learnt about the power of reflection.Particularly, I learnt this from the player who lies down to reflectupon the next move to make. When he closed his eyes while resting onthe ground, fans and players thought that he slept and they evenmocked and discouraged him. I believe that each time he did this, hislevel of concentration and the desire to get it right increased. Inmy case, I will borrow the same principle and apply during periods ofadversity. I will always sit down and close my eyes to think of thenext move and reflect on what happened earlier.

Conclusively,Christians have a sense of confidence that trusting in Jesus Christis the answer to most complicated riddles in life. Each event in thelife of a Christian is seen to be seeking the hand of Christ indifficulties. The four friends showed great focus in choosing toapproach Jesus through the roof for the healing of the paralytic man.For baseball players, performance motivates them to prepare betterfor each game and to be above their abilities. This is comparable tothe four friends innovatively sought to reach their target, JesusChrist.


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