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Themilitant groups specifically the nuclear submarine initially createdSBAR tool as means of improving communication among the submarineofficers (Labson, 2013). These officers required a model for updatingvarious working circumstances in a transparent and efficient manner. The SBAR provided an easy way of organizing and sending a completemessage in a concise and consistent manner. The tool contained fourelements namely situation, background, assessment, andrecommendation (Labson, 2013). The first item which is situationbriefly and clearly defined the situation at hand or else it informedwhat was happening at a particular time. The second component whichis background offered appropriate and precise details relating to thecase. It thus provided the underlying circumstances concerning whatwas happening. The third part contained a declaration of what theproblem ought to be, and the last division presented a recommendationof how to solve the problem.

SBARenhanced military performance through a faster organization of briefinformation on paper or in the mind of the user guided by the fourcomponents in succession (Labson, 2013). The four parts of the SBARassisted the user to include only the most relevant facts and excludethe irrelevant ones, therefore, improving the efficiency ofcommunication which led to high performance due to the absence ofmisleading information. Additionally, it spelled out the informationthat needed to be addressed instantly thus minimizing delays inoverall performance (Labson, 2013). Likewise, it reduced errors incommunications through a standard set of expectations among theofficers. By use of a comprehensible, inclusive, brief and approvedlayout, military officers were able to quickly detect errors and askfor clarifications in the case of mistakes done (Labson, 2013). Thus,SBAR enhanced accurateness and efficiency in the communicationprocess.

Ihave observed SBAR employed in the hospital situation amongst theclinical officers to improve their clinical communication concerningtheir patients who need urgent attendance (Safer Healthcare Partners,2016). They have adopted a similar format from the military SBAR toframe their critical dialogue requiring significant consideration andfollow-ups (Safer Healthcare Partners, 2016). The following is abrief example of SBAR in clinical scenery involving a nurse and adoctor through a telephone communication concerning the patient whorequires prompt attention.

Situation-Dr. Ann, this is Michael calling from Riverside Hospital concerningyour patient Mark. He is complaining of prolonged stomach pain andloss of appetite.

Background-He started experiencing stomach pain three days ago, and the pain isprogressing every day. He has not taken any food since yesterday.

Assessment-I think he may be suffering from acute cholecystitis

Recommendation-I recommend you attend him immediately before his conditions becomevery critical.


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