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Thereis a nursing shortage. How can you be a leader in hiring &ampkeeping great staff?

Ican be a leader in recruiting and keep great staff by attracting andretaining young, competent or skilled workers this can be possibleby ensuring that I follow the hiring and management tips. Such tipswould improve my employees` satisfaction with their work and as aneffect lower the recruitment costs and make my organization moreproductive (Witges &amp Scanlan, 2015). Some of these tips includethe provision of a friendly and positive environment of working andrewarding, recognizing, and reinforcing the right conducts.Additionally, the involvement or engagement of the employees invarious decision-making processes comes in handy as a trick forretaining workers.

Howto avoid burnout with college, family, friends, &amp work demands?

Thefirst step towards preventing burnouts is by managing time wiselythis is attainable by spending time on essential activities. Beforeadding any exercise to your program, consider the effects it willhave on other responsibilities like family and college or work.Secondly, enough sleep and the right diet are essential in avoidingcollege, family and work related burnouts (Witges &amp Scanlan,2015). The third consideration is getting active by involving boththe mind and body in some physical exercises. Lastly, one should behaving relaxation breaks in his or her day to day activities, be itcollege, work or family.

Whatworks for you? What gives you balance?

Technologyworks for me. It gives me balance by making my life easier. Anytime Ifeel like putting the technology away and decide to concentrate onfamily, work, or my studies, it gives the balance I need.

Whattime management skill is hardest for you to learn &amp practice?Teach others?

Thehardest time management skill in my case is sleeping for at least 7to 8 hours. It is hard to learn and even teach others, since I alwaysget myself in a number of schedules, which makes me lose track oftime most of the days I find myself sleeping for 4 hours or even 3hours.

Howdo you take responsibility for a mistake?

Iaccept liability for any mistake I have done by acknowledging thefact that I have committed an error and not cover anything up.Secondly, I sincerely apologize to the concerned party. Lastly, Iaccept the consequences of my mistakes.

Readword doc on &quotPrioritizing Skills.&quot Did you learn anythingnew? What are your barriers to your time management?

Ilearned a lot about prioritization of different tasks and I haveidentified a number of time management barriers. They includemultitasking instead of giving each task its allocated time – mostof the times, multitasking leaves some jobs unattended to. The otherbarrier is procrastination, which increases workloads to the nextday lack of prioritizing of various tasks according to theirurgency. Lastly is the lack of a to-do list – to-do list acts as achecklist for your daily tasks (Witges &amp Scanlan, 2015).

Areyou having &quotdeep thinking&quot or increased critical thinking?Keep asking those &quotHow &quot questions. What are your blindspots as a student nurse today? What do you not know enough of?Explain.

Asa nursing student, I have always asked the question of the origin oflife. Life is a complicated subject to understand, especially itsorigin. I am torn between having faith in the creation theory andevolution as the origins of life, but being a science student, I amobliged to accept scientific deliberations.

Posta YouTube video to support your comments about balance of work &amproles different from peers. Not embed video = lose pts.

Whattwo things were positive about Sandberg`s message to graduates?Explain.

Inher speech, she shows the reality of life and death by emotionallyexpressing it through her husband’s death. She encourages thegraduates to build resilience in their self and tells them thateveryone can get through any tragedy. The second message she relayedwas that background and gender cannot limit one’s potential (Witges&amp Scanlan, 2015). She gives an example of her own grandmother’spoor experience despite scrubbing floors in Brooklyn, herdetermination made her earn her the Berkeley Degree, which laterinfluenced Sheryl Sandberg.


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