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Question1: Postthoughts &amp feelings on PTSD &amp the recent disasters (shooting,fires, tornadoes, storms) in our country. What would you do if thiswas your town?

Post-traumaticstress disorder is a common disease that develops due to anextraordinarily stressful event such as natural disaster, violentcrimes, or shooting. The traumatic event causes severe, confusing,and horrifying emotions to not only the survivors but also witnessesand those who are repeatedly exposed to the images of the traumaticevent circulating on the news source or social media (Lopez-Ibor,2004). News coverage is the main avenue we encounter the horrificimages across the world.

TheKatrina Hurricane in August 2005 was the most devastating experienceone would imagine. The event did inflict not only the psychologicaltorture but also financial distress to the parents with theuncertainty of what the future might hold. In the state ofhopelessness and helplessness, certain things might help to keepone’s emotions in balance as he works on regaining control of hislife. If this was my town, I would consider helping the victims tocope with the stress.

Question2: Have you been in a natural disaster?

Ihave been in a natural disaster and accepting the feeling of pain andloss of safety is necessary to cope with the traumatic stress.

Question3: What helped you coped?

Allowingoneself to feel the pain without judging or guilt helps in dealingwith painful emotions during the healing process.

Question4: What reduced your stress?

Toreduce traumatic stress, avoiding media exposure is very effective.

Question5: Did you have survivor guilt?

Watchingmedia coverage or repeatedly viewing the images of the incidence onmedia will only act as a reminder of the incident deepening thetrauma. Physical activity can also help uplift one’s mood byburning off adrenaline.

Question6: Respond to 2 peers with min of 4 sentences


Inagreement with peer one Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder does not havea cure. Different people react differently to a traumatic eventrepetitious thinking and viewing of the images can be overwhelmingand if we keep avoiding experiencing the emotion, it slows down therecovery. The most intense feeling will pass if we allow ourselves tofeel them.


Inresponse to Peer 2 concern loosing of a loved one it can createself-guilt regarding what one would have done to save them. Sometimesone may withdraw from friends and social activities. If the situationpersists and gets in the way of one`s ability to function, he canseek help from a mental health professional.


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