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  1. How do you build up your own self confidence as a new nurse?

Oneway of building self-confidence is by mastering effectivecommunication. New nurses should also be prepared for anything andshould not concentrate on comparisons but rather aim at contributingto effectiveness (Joseph, 2012). They should find a mentor to helpthem work on their confidence levels. Also, they should considercontributing to change and push themselves to undertake somethingnew. They should not depend approvals or gratitude from the patients,be curious and enjoy their work.

  1. How does your college/job (if working) build up your confidence?

Feedbacksfrom the instructors have helped me to boost my confidence incollege. Another way is that school life has pushed me out of mycomfort zone and has assisted me to visualize what I need as theinitial step to meeting fresh challenges. The support from the familymembers and mentors who have told me to believe in myself have aidedme in bettering my confidence levels in college.

  1. How do you build up confidence in your peers or others?

Ibuild confidence among peers by helping them to model appropriatebehaviors, encourage positivity, help them share interests, encouragehumor and good conversations (Joseph, 2012). I also assist them toget rid of negativity from their live and, avoid failure and beingpessimistic.

  1. What 2 issues motivate you to excel as a student? How does faculty motivate you? List 2 things that do not motivate you.

Oneof the issues that help me excel is that I always set high academicstandards, I prioritize study time. The faculty motivates me byoffering initiatives and involving me in major academic activities.It rewards my academic performance and positive behaviors out ofclasswork. It always expects me to excel and indulges students inopen forums. Things that demotivate include taking away control anduntold goals (Joseph, 2012).

  1. Do you think people are more motivated by emotions, logic, or money in their decision making? How come?

Atwork, people are mostly motivated by money. Joseph (2012) suggeststhat workers need to be promised additional remuneration to bettertheir output level. In school students are motivated by knowledgemilestones and future careers. They see the need to study to bettertheir lives.

  1. Why does kindness matter?

Kindnessmatters because it shows that one understands the real meaning ofcare. It also reinforces a positive reputation of oneself. When onedemonstrates kindness, he/she appreciates the conditions and feelingsexperienced by others. Kindness is also imperative because it is usedto show the affection that people towards other people. Additionally,compassionate people tend to be forgiving and generous.

  1. FYI…Women make 77 cents for every $1 a man makes. Is that fair?

Itis fair for men to earn more than women have the society bestows moreresponsibilities on them. For example, they are required to provideshelter security and luxuries for their families.

  1. Do you have a will? 401K? College Fund? Household Budget? 3 months of Emergency Funds? Life insurance? Retirement plan for 65? Savings account to buy a House or Car? Just give a general response you are well prepared or have items to work on.

Ihave a saving account to buy a car where I deposit money on a monthlybasis. I also have a life insurance where I pay a monthly premium,and I expect my family to benefit from the cover later in life.

  1. What do you not know about money management so you are a more educated consumer in the future?

Moneymanagement involves having a well-thought plan of spending resourcesand having a definite strategy for future expenditures. It alsoinvolves controlling expenses to ensure that individuals do not livebeyond their means. .

  1. Do you have a financial mantra? &quotLive below your means&quot or &quotNot have the cash, do not buy it&quot. Please share your mantra…

Yes,I have a financial mantra, I live below my means, I do not spend morethan I can earn.

  1. Fantasize. Choose one below &amp tell us how come this is your &quotwish&quot for now in your life stage: I wish for more.

Iwould choose better mental and physical health. The two would equipme with the major skills and strengths to generate my money andattract a loving partner who would help me raise healthy children.With a lot of money, but in the absence of proper mental or physicalhealth may lead someone to wastage of vital resources. Proper mentalhealth also helps one make correct career goals. Good physical healthassists one to attain them since one can attend class with ease.After attaining the goals, one would easily secure a well-paying jobdue to the perfect mental and physical condition.


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