Fox River Prison Justification Report


David De Gea

ENG 315 – Professional Communications

(Professor Name)

November 3rd 2016

Christopher Burrows

DirectorFox River Correctional Facility

FoxRiver VA 69696

November3rd, 2016


Thispresentation is in regard to the escalating issue of mental illnessesamongst the prisoners in this facility. According to the researchthere are two possible measures that could be taken to control thesituation. Nonetheless, constant guidance and counseling to allinmates met the chosen criteria in efficiency desirability was alsothe most effective option. It is therefore the recommendation of thisreport that the correctional facility introduces compulsory guidanceand counseling sessions for all inmates and also established acounseling room for inmates who would like to see a counselor.Attached below is the justification report.


DavidDe Gea


Thisreport examines the challenge of rising cases of mental illnesses inthe Fox River Prison. The method of analysis is informed by theinterviews that were done on random inmates on their view on theproblem in the facility. The alternatives that could solve theproblem were separating the inmates who are considered bullies fromthe weaker ones or introduction of the counseling and guidanceprogram to all the inmates. According the research both options wouldreduce the stress levels among the weaker inmates and reduce thestress levels. Nonetheless the guidance and counseling option wouldprovide a long lasting solution that would also help the bullies.


Recordsat the Fox River Prison show a sharp incline in the rate mentally illinmates. In recent times every 2 inmates in a group of 7 is eithersegregated for bad conduct or are diagnosed with metal illnesses.This report seeks to address this problem and recommend a possiblesolution.





Thisreport aims at providing a solution to reducing and finallyeliminating the mental illness issue that is presently rocking theFox River Prison. The two possible solutions to this problem areseparating the bullies to from the inmates considered weak orintroducing a counseling program aimed at changing the bullies andalso for the prisoners to have a place to unwind their thoughts. Theresearch method used includes interviews with random inmates and theprison doctor. An evaluation of the two recommendations revealed thatthe guidance and counseling option would offer a cost effective,efficient and long lasting solution.

Overviewof Alternatives


ThePrison can separate the rough inmates from the weaker ones. Thatwould reduce the stress levels of the weaker inmates who wouldaccumulate more stress due the hectic lifestyle they are beingsubjected to by the bullies. This would necessitate the buildingadditional cells.

AlternativeB –

Theprison could alternatively introduce the guidance and counselingprogram to the inmates. The sessions should be both mandatory for allprisoners and also have the voluntary option where the inmates couldwalk into the guidance office and talk to a counselor anytime.


  1. Cost – Considering this was research that was done after the financial budget has been done the solution should use minimal funds.

  1. Efficiency- the solution offered should be efficient in that it solve the problem with minimal frictions between the inmates and the staff

  1. Desirability – Would the inmates like to engage in this exercise?

  1. Is it a long term solution- The solution should work both in the short term and the long term

  1. Capacity of the prison- the recommendation should also have the capacity to adapt the recommendation.


Theresearch method adopted in this research is interviewing of randominmates and the prison doctor. The interviews were done verbally anda one on one basis. The questions asked in the interviews were openended principally allowing the interviewee to give their opinion.According to Angantyr et al (2015) open ended questions help theinterviewer to view the issue at hand through the eyes of theinterviewee which therefore gives accurate information on the subjectmatter. The questions asked in the interview sought to explain whythe inmates thought many of them were having the mental illnessproblems. The doctor on the other hand was asked questions based onhis practice as a doctor and his long term experience at Fox River.

Evaluation of Alternatives


  1. Alternative A – Separation of the Bullies from the weaker prisoners would entail the construction of a new block. Creation of a new block with a minimum of 30 cells would cost the facility approximately two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars on a lower limit. That is exclusive of the infrastructure that will be put inside the cells like toilet bowls, seats and beds.

  2. Alternative B – The prison will need to use the services of prison wardens who have background in guidance and counseling. The Prison will also need to hire a counselor on a fulltime basis. Adding a counselor to the prison would cost them an additional employee to the pay roll with a salary of approximately $700 per month.


  1. Alternative A – Would the prisoners accept the separation while they would still meet the bullies during meals or during community work? Would they desire to be considered weak as compared to others?

  2. Alternative B – Introducing the voluntary counseling sessions where the privacy of the weak prisoners would be assured would be more desirable.


  1. Alternative A – The separation would only help to reduce bullying at night but the prisoners would still interact during the day.

  2. Alternative B – The bullies would stop bullying the weaker prisoners due to change of mind due to the counseling. Also, prisoners who fall ill due to change of lifestyle in prison would be in a position to go and unwind.

Isit a long term solution?

  1. Alternative A – The first solution would offer a solution but in the long run possibility of having the bullies in the new block.

  2. Alternative B – The bullies would change not only when in prison but even after they get out of prison. Therefore by introducing this program Fox River would be fulfilling its mandate of correcting the inmates.

Capacity of the prison

  1. Alternative A – The prison might not be in a financial position to construct a$250,000 immediately.

  2. Alternative B – The prison is in a position to hire an additional employee for $700 in a month.

Findings and Analysis

Whileboth Alternatives A and B offered efficient solutions to the problemthe option B happened to be more effective in the sense that it couldbe implemented immediately. Option B also is more cost friendly asopposed to option A. Building additional cells would require theprison to have approximately $250,000 while the second option onlyneeded the prison to budget for an additional employee with a salaryof $700. Option B also goes beyond just reducing the rate of mentalillnesses to permanently changing the prisoners due to the constantcounseling sessions.


Angantyr, K., Rimner, A., Nordén, T., &amp Norlander, T. (2015)Primary Care Behavioral Health Model Perspectives Of Outcome, ClientSatisfaction, And Gender. Social Behavior &amp Personality: AnInternational Journal, 43(2), 287-301.doi:10.2224/sbp.2015.43.2.287