Full Catastrophe Living

FullCatastrophe Living

Thebook centers on spirituality and focuses on the human mind and howthe beings can utilize mindfulness of doing things. The research isused as the basis for the findings where the author Jon Kabat-Zinnestablished a stress reduction and relaxation program that isessential to people’s human mind. It constituted an eight-weekcourse that was undertaken by four thousand people at the Universityof Massachusetts in the medical center (Kabat-Zinn,12).Trying to tap energy from the mind referred to as meditation can helpus in solving our day to day problems and even cure some ailments.

Stresscomes about when human beings tend to carry on too many mental issueswhich they cannot bear. Over thinking and worrying tend to be thebiggest accelerators of stress causing ailments such as back pain,headaches, high blood pressure and heart disease (Kabat-Zinn,145).Meditation can be used to bring such symptoms to an end. It bringsabout such healing when one takes the time to meditate by utilizinginsight, attention, awareness and relaxation. Meditation helps thehuman body to tap the reservoirs of energy and cause healing to theinternal organs. It took the author ten years to study other people’sexperiences and reach to a conclusion. The author takes the readerthrough a journey of mindfulness which is the quality of utilizingthe internal power and using it to cause a positive effect towardslife.

Thefoundation of mindfulness has a beginner’s mind, being patience,accepting it and eventually letting it go (Kabat-Zinn,372). Itis a form of self-discipline which each of us can and should learnhow to practice. There are ways in which one can practice this arteither alone or through assistance. Some of the ways include:breathing in and out, sitting meditation, walking meditation, bodyscans, and yoga. Through such practices one learns how to tapcalmness, slowing down and listening to their inner self. Accordingto the book, one can be able to go through catastrophes in life andstill manage to stay sensible. One is just required to learn on howto let some thoughts head off.

Themain way that someone can achieve this is by relaxing the mindthrough engaging in co-curricular activities such as playing or evensleeping. Everyone should learn how to internally listen to theirbodies and find out how to deal with the physical or emotional pain.It can be treated by tapping into the healing power of the mind.There are different kinds of stress including time stress, sleepstress, people stress, role stress, work stress, food stress andgeneral world stress. The book teaches one how to handle all thosekinds of pressures. There are various ways in which somebody can copewith stress without affecting their mind as explained in the book.

Ithink in order for a book to grasp the attention of a reader andhopefully achieve the objective, the author’s writing skills haveto be personal. The book is very personal because it gives somefeeling that someone truly knows about the hardness of life. It triesto help people to cope with the daily challenges that come along thelife and discerning which ones to let get away and remain with thepeaceful and significant issues. The stereotype with meditation isthat it has so much to do with spirituality or religion. The authormakes it religious so that many people can be encouraged to learnabout meditation by considering it easy because it is all aboutunderstanding oneself. The good news about the book is that somebodyis not recommended to have practiced meditation for it to seemrelevant to him or her.

Theinformation given in the book is very valid. The findings wereconducted after a study was done on people. The author is a doctormaking the whole practice very legitimate (Kabat-Zinn,417).It gives any reader confidence regarding the author to be right ineverything he has talked about. Starters can use this book especiallythose who have the opinion that spiritual healing is full ofpretense. The practice was undertaken by various people, and theresults were recorded as portrayed in the book. Involvement of manypeople in conducting research gives a good representation of thedifferent diversities for a feasible conclusion. People carry outvarious activities on a daily basis, thereby, having differentmindful aspects as described in the book.

Ibelieve the mind is very powerful. Tapping into it could help us tostop being petty and deal with our problems as required. The booksets a good foundation and an introduction for beginners. It showsthe importance of mindfulness and most importantly explains how onecan do this. The ideas explained are very simplistic and veryapplicable to real life situations. It was a good read, howeverlengthy, but very useful and interesting. I would recommend the useof the book to anyone seeking assistance to deal with life’schallenges. Everyone needs to learn this art by going a step forwardand acquire this book to read.


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