Fundamentals of Effective Communication in the Work Place


Fundamentalsof Effective Communication in the Work Place


Thepaper is going to talk about a time when I have experienced effectivecommunication in a business environment, where the reasons thatsupposed the communication to be efficient and explanations of theresulting impressions to the firm are stated. There is this one timewhen I was called for an interview in an insurance company I washappy to see how I was introduced at the door by greetings with happyfaces, welcoming me into the business premises. I didn’t expectthat as I was uneasy at first, but they made it possible for me tofeel right as they continued to ask if they could serve me withanything to drink.

Theywent ahead to tell me in details about the company, how long it hadbeen in business, the core value it supported, the position that Ihad been called for and inquired if I had any issue or questionregarding the company or position. Meanwhile, I was told all theworking conditions and terms of the position such as working hoursand the location of the position. Similarly, I was introduced to thecompany’s chief executive officer, which I saw was a greatopportunity in that company since sometimes there is no chance tomeet anyone in that rank except the supervisors and other co-workers.

First,the reason why I perceived the communication at this company to beeffective is that when in the interview, I was told in details aboutthe company, the core values it supports and all the activities ithad done for the duration it had been in business. Therefore I wastaught more about the history and advances of the company. With this,I was made to know that the company had best interests to itsemployees, partners and customers.

Secondly,I perceived the effective communication from employees who showedgood values and teamwork membership among them and with everyoneincluding customers associated with the company. I was granted a warmwelcome and better introduction into the company which made me have apositive implication to the company and possibly this hinted out howthe company associates with all its stakeholders.

Thirdly,I got an opportunity to meet with the chief executive office of thecompany. This assured me that the company staff would be in contactwith me and get to understand me better. I was also informed all thebest values and terms with which the company operates with itsemployees such as motivation and promotions.

Theresulting impacts of effective communication to the business arethat it creates healthy relationships with strong relationships,the company can gain loyalty and trust that focus to meet theindividual needs, where conveying valuable information and providingfeedback creates a strong relationship with external audiences(Griffin et al, 2013). Secondly, effective organizationalcommunication leads to strong teamwork and enable employees to worktogether to achieve company goals, notably, effective communicationwill foster and provide employees the knowledge and positive workingenvironment they require.

Conclusively,effective communication is vital in our everyday life and itfacilitates information sharing process which involves one partysending a message that can be just understood by the receiving party,for instance, effective communication in business or organizationmanagers enables information distribution between the businessemployees and this enhances commercial success of the company. It iscritical to acknowledge the concept of effective communication as Ibelieve that effective communication should be utilized within aworkplace environment to determine the success of company at large(Kaul et al, 2014).


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