Gender Bias at Work

GenderBias at Work

GenderBias at Work

Genderbias involves unfair treatment of someone based on their sex. Some ofthe factors that lead to gender bias at work include individualvalues and outdated tradition perceptions regarding men and women.For an extended period, the term gender bias has been linked todiscrimination against women. However, this opinion has since changedas men have also been victimized. Gender bias in the workforce istied to financial and social repercussions that ultimately affect theperformance of an organization (Channar, Abbassi, &amp Ujan, 2011).Gender bias is not an aspect that occurs suddenly at the workplacebut rather, it commences early in life even before the inaugurationinto the workforce.

Thistype of bias may take different forms in the workplace. Since timeimmemorial, certain jobs were delegated to women while others werespecifically meant for men. Women were mostly charged with jobs withmeager salaries, most of them were administrative or clerical innature. On the contrary, men were employed in positions thatfacilitated career progression and increasing mobility.

Theother form of bias is referred to as personal bias. The environmentin the workplace is likely to be hostile in circumstances wherebysome employees are favored at the expense of others. The perceptionthat particular employees are competent and well-placed to performgiven tasks further worsens the situation at workplaces. The mostdemeaning form of personal bias is well explained through the aspectof sexual harassment (Channar, Abbassi, &amp Ujan, 2011). Femaleemployees are most affected as opposed to their male counterparts.Even though sexual harassment does not solely lead to discrimination,its effect is taken into consideration when it directly affectsemployees’ performance at work or creates an aggressive workenvironment.

Finally,there’s also authority bias. According to most employers, thepersuasive and authoritative positions are commonly set aside formen. This is still an issue that is present in the modern societywhere women are in charge of a reduced number of subordinates and arealso unlikely to be delegated the duties of financial managementwithin an organization.

Solutionsto gender bias

Oneof the effective ways of managing gender bias is through diversitytraining. First and foremost, the problem has to be acknowledged toexist, and there should be an extra determination to overcome theproblem. Diversity training is one of the remedies that can beadopted by organizations to regulate this issue and ultimatelyabolish it in totality. Evaluation of employees regarding workperformance can be initiated through a fair process, without aspectsof gender bias. An unbiased workplace environment is realized whenthe management and staff have to be held accountable as keystakeholders in management.

Thereis no doubt that financial consequences may also arise due to genderbias. Inequalities in the salaries of employees’ further fuelsgender bias in the workplace. One of the remedies may involveconducting a compensation research for all the employees to determinethe salary variations between women and men, in addition toestablishing the median pay for both sexes. The research should alsofocus on the equitable compensation of both genders when it comes tosimilar work. However, the concept of race may further complicate theprocess of eliminating bias (Ibarra, Ely, &amp Kolb, 2013). Thesituation might be complicated when a decision has to be made betweenindividuals of the same gender but with a different ethnicity.

Inconclusion, most organizations focus on maximizing their economicreturns through the abolishment of gender bias at the workplace.Companies may adopt specific goals such as gender equality to drivetheir pursuit of a non-bias setting.


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