GenderInequality: Hillary vs. Donald

Genderinequality is the imbalanced treatment of personalities based ontheir sex. During the campaign, there has been a lot of gender biasin choosing the right candidate for the presidential seat. First ofall, if Hillary Clinton wins, she will be the first female presidentof the United States. Since this has never happened, it is clear thateven if people are modern and are living in civilized, respectfulways, patriarchy is still a dominant vice that needs to be rootedout. According to a NewYork Timesarticle by Farah Stockman, Hillary Clinton faces a lot of scrutinythat’s more than what would be awarded to a male candidature withsimilar traits. Her accusations seem to be graver just because she isa woman (Stockman 2016, n. p). According to poll on gender issuesreported on theWashington Post,Hillary’s male counterpart does not face much scrutiny, and some ofhis accusations are considered “fine: in particular by theuneducated public (Robinson 2016, n. p). She is seen as differentlyand treated with suspicion and is under pressure from the aggressivemale presence (Stockman 2016, n. p). The following piece discussesthe issue of gender inequality focusing on the two presidentialcandidates in the U.S elections and their policies on the matter.

Iconcur with the articles that most of the people who do not supportHillary for the woman she is, just dislike her more than theydisagree with her. Stockman writes that there was an uproar recently,when all women seemed to unite as one against Trump, who is accusedof priding himself for sexually assaulting women. The Republicannominee made things worse by claiming that Clinton was a nasty womancausing women to condemn the comment mostly through social mediawhile supporting their female counterpart (Stockman 2016, n. p). Inrecent polls, research shows that educated women will most likelyvote for Hillary since with their knowledge they can decide toempower women and end the patriarchy in the presidential system(Robinson 2016, n. p). Even women from Trump’s party are onHillary`s side supporting her because since she also talked aboutrespecting same-sex marriages, abortions, and ending sexualharassment. Therefore, as these articles highlight many people,particularly women are aligning with the Hillary camp not onlybecause she is a woman, but also because she seems more supportive onequality in the society when compared to Trump. For that reason, Iagree with the claims of the writers.

Furthermore,as two article show, educated and working class men are also likelyto vote for Clinton while those without education and jobs still holdon to gender stereotyping (Stockman 2016, n. p). Having a womancandidate shows that feminist theories are wrong and women can takepart in significant roles which are socially constructed for men andprove that females are not to be oppressed and just do householdduties. I, believe that women are thinking and intelligent humansthat deserve ad leadership position they desire. Thus, as seen in thearticles, it is a shame when there are individual that still live inthe past, and who tend to have an issue with gender (Stockman 2016,n. p). I agree with Stockman that it is hard for a woman to get to arespectable place in the society or ranks without struggling andhaving to sweat the details, unlike their male counterparts who riseas they wish without much scrutiny (Stockman 2016, n. p). In my view,this is clearly harassment of the lesser gender since they are alsosubjected to other oppressions such as rape, sexual harassment, andconstrained to lower class status (Giddens 2015, 302). Therefore,viewing females as just raising families is not fair since women haveshown they can shatter the glass ceiling and overcome milestones thatcan make great impacts in history and also overcome the currentstereotypic lifestyles (Robinson 2016, n. p). They also have thecapacity to dominate the working class and have control overinvestments, as well as secure admirable occupations (Giddens 2015,307). Therefore, concurring with the authors of these two articles,social stratification highlights the variations seen between the maleand female gender (Giddens 2015, 305).

Inconclusion, I agree with thee quoted reporters that gender inequalityis an issue that is so common that it happens even in the highest andmost public functions such as Trump commenting on Hillary as a nastywoman. This shows that patriarchy is still in some peoples’ minds,especially the uneducated ones and this can be changed. Women shouldnot be oppressed but treated as equals so as to have a better worldwhere everyone’s opinions matter. Hence, we should all unite toeradicate the caste system that dominates the society anddiscriminates against women.

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(Discriminate,class, caste, social stratification, gender, inequality, occupation,investment, control, and leadership).


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