Genesis versus Seneca

Genesisversus Seneca

WhenGod stated that “Let’s make man in our own image”, He simplymeant that His intention was to impress the mind of man by formingman’s body and soul. God further posits that man should be “afterour likeness”. This implies that man was created after theperfections and nature of God. This is evidenced by the fact that themind of man possess extraordinary capabilities that other creaturesdo not have. As it can be illustrated from the New Testament, Paulalludes that human beings were created after the likeness of theircreator in both holiness and righteousness (New InternationalVersion. Biblica ,Ephesians 4:24).When God propounds that “Let themhave dominion over the fish of the sea” He means that man has acapability and potential of governing the animals thus depicting thesuperiority of human beings over other creatures.

Owingto the comparison of the Genesis stories of creation and that ofSeneca in regard to the relationship that exists between human beingsand the natural world, it is evident to depict that in Genesisstories of creation man is superior to the animals since he was givendominion over them. On the contrary, the Seneca myth of creationdepicts that the animals have more power than the human beings(Curtin, 3). This is evidenced by the fact that it is the animals whosaved the young woman when she was about to fall from heaven. Inaddition, it appears that it is the turtles, waterfowl, and the toadwho had created the landmass. This is in contrast with the Genesisstory of creation since it denotes that God is the one who createdthe universe and everything in it.

Inthe Seneca myth of creation, it is pointed out that the two sons ofthe young man were involved in creation. This is depicted from thestory since it is propounded that the boys had a potential ofincreasing the size of the island (Curtin, 4). This implies that theboys had control over the physical features. On the other hand, inGenesis, God gave man power to rule over the animals. But there is noinstant where man creates the islands in the Genesis stories ofcreation. Instead, man is given the responsibility of taking care ofGod’s creation.

Thesimilarity that underlies both creation stories concerning therelationship between human beings and the natural world is that humanbeings have the capability of controlling the animals. As postulatedfrom the Seneca story of creation, the young boy was able to modifythe animals. On the same note, God gave human beings the power torule over the animals as mentioned in the Genesis stories ofcreation.


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