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A philosophical argumentation is meant to bring light or at leastconvince someone to have a given view of an idea or point ofcontention (&quotThe Problem of Evil,&quot2016). Based on this account, a rationalexplanation of God’s existence and the problem of evil isdefined at length in this blog.

This issue poses a threat to philosophicalargumentation because it propounds that both the designer and thedesign of the cosmos have flaws (Martin, 2013 p.429). It isconfirmed by the domination of evil in the cosmos. Philosophyasks the reason there is evil in the world that a loving God created.God should not allow evil to exist because his nature is perfect andintolerant to the evil. Therefore, there isa contradiction between the evil around us and the existence of God.However, philosophy gives answers to this dilemmathat may be it is because of the agents of morality in humansthat evil exists rather than being created and allowed by God (&quotTheProblem of Evil,&quot 2016). We can onlysay that God allowed room for moral evil than not to have it all.Religion can marry some of the concepts that explain this point froma philosophical point of view and vice versa (Martin, 2013 p.430).For instance, we can say God allowed the worldto have moral evil in philosophy and integrate the stand of religionthat God forgives those who repent after committing evil.It is a case where the two fields can solve a similar problem (&quotTheProblem of Evil,&quot 2016).

It is challenging to endure the thought of evil and then imagine ofGod who allowed it. Philosophy agrees with religion that God isomnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, and ultimately concedes thatwhatever is beyond our understanding should be left to God himself.As such, the possible solutions portrayed by religion and philosophyabout the problem of evil are open to discussion and amendments sinceeverybody has his or her own view andunderstanding.


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