“Grand Theft Auto”


“GrandTheft Auto”

“GrandTheft Auto”


Ethicsin marketing is the most contentious and complicated subject of humanhistory. The association that exists between making money and doingthe moral or right thing attracts the attention of stakeholders fromboth the field of business together with academics. Nonetheless,despite all their efforts and strives, little or no consensus hasbeen reached so far so good. A study conducted by Ethics ResourceCenter deduced that 43 percent of the participants had faith thattheir managers and supervisors had no ethical integrity(Marketing schools, 2012).As a result, in themarketingindustry, this begs the question: what is the correctform to sell things to your consumers? That query has never had anysuitable answer, but not so long ago it has turned out to be ahot-buttonmatter. Accordingto the “Bureau of Economic Analysis,” companyprofits increased to greater heights than before in 2011.Consequently, the globe was undergoing through unstable economicdownturn brought forth by immoral business practices.

Inthis case of “Take-TwoInteractive,”some of the ethical marketing practices expected out of the marketingmanager include telling the truth(Marketing schools, 2012).Thefactis the shared standard among all advertising communications. Givinglies to the public with the sole reason to maintain agoodreputation as an organization is not allowed. At “Take-TwoInteractive,” the manager is in quoted distancing his company’smood from introducing anything in the game. Itisdespite the facts as reported by the media(Institute for Global Ethics, 2005).Another ethical practice for marketing managers is to ensure thatconsumers are regarded reasonablyonthe nature of the services and products and also a descriptionof the customersfor instance advertising to children (Study.com,2016).

Accordingto me, “Take-TwoInteractive” should modify the game’s software and do away withthe objectionable content. By changingthe game and deleting offensiveinformation will enable the software to be accepted by both adultsand young children. Thus increasing the market for their game and onthe other hand leveraging their profits. Also,this will enable them to adhere to the stipulated laws regardingentertainment according to the Entertainment Software Rating’sBoard.


Someof the ethical principles ofmarketing that may be vital in this case include: the advertisingmust distinguish from entertainment together with news content.Second, the professionals in the marketing industry must adhere tothe absoluterequirementsof personal ethics. Third, marketers should be clear on whom theyintend to pay to endorse their products. Fourth, the privacy ofconsumers is paramount hence deserves priority.Lastly, advertisers should adhere to the laid down rules andregulations that are set in place by the government and any otherorganizations for instance (Blake,2016).


Toavoid future troubles in their business, the entertainment bodyshould adopt several principles. First, before playing any game,great scrutiny should take place in the match, and the case foundwith any unwanted secret information the game should not go on airsell outside.Second, the organization should come up with stringent copyrightsthat will enable themtosecure their videogamefrom outsiders meddling. And anyonefound culpable of interfering with the content of the matcheither by adding or removing any data with no permission of the firmshouldface the law (Deluxe,2016)


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