Group and Team Decision Making


Groupand Team Decision Making

Groupand Team Decision Making

The size,structure, demographic make-up, composition, and nature of a grouphave an influence of how decisions are arrived at in a group or team.There are various disadvantages and advantages associated with teamor group decision making.


Team memberspossess diverse viewpoints due to varied experiences, skills,knowledge, and abilities, hence making it easy to make decisions thatsolve problems from multiple perspectives (Williams, 2016).


One of thepitfalls that a group is likely to face when making decisions isgroupthink. The members of a well-integrated group decide not todisagree with each other and conform to the solution that dominatesin the team. According to Williams (2016), groupthink not onlyinhibits the different views of other members but also suppressesexploration of alternative courses of action from various members.


Williams (2016)observed that effective decision delegation is very critical tomanagers as it lessens their workload as well as it givessubordinates a chance to grow and develop their organizationalskills. As a manager, I would be willing to delegate minor routinedecisions to my subordinates such as purchasing decisions in as muchas well defined directions are established on the cost and kind ofthe overhead. On the other hand, there are decisions that I cannotdelegate as a manager including crucial strategic decisions delegatedto me by the upper management that can influence the policy matters,goals, and objectives of an organization.

BiblicalPrinciples of Team Decision Making

Whatever type ofdecision made by managers, there are biblical principles that canguide them to make effective decisions including Solomon`s quest forknowledge and wisdom to lead God`s people in 2 Chronicles 1: 10. Thisbiblical example demonstrates a significant aspect of how managersshould conduct themselves when making decisions in a group. Not onlyshould managers have knowledge of the organizational and personalmission, but also the direction they want to lead before asking theteam members to follow. Proverbs 11: 14 states that people fall whereguidance lacks, but safety is achieved in situations where counselorsare many. This verse demonstrates the essence of the variety ofviewpoints when making solid decisions in a team.


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