Group leading skills

Groupleading skills

GroupLeading Skills

Discussionboard question # 26

There are numerous challengingbehaviors that a group leader has to deal with during a discussion.For example, some members only speak when prompted and end up makingothers fatigued. They prefer listening rather than airing theiropinions.The team leaderhas to persuade such individuals to speak without embarrassing themor pointing out their unspoken tendencies. Similarly, members thatrefuse positions assigned to them makes others fatigued as a resultof overburdening (Corey,Corey &amp Corey, 2013).The behaviors make a team representative frustrated as they lead tochallenges in bringing interests of the members together.

Discussionboard question # 27

Trusting others in a group isnecessary, but may equally cause mixed feelings among members. Whenthere is trust amongst the team members, everyone in the group maygrow stronger in unison since they all believe in one another’sopinion. Trust also makes people esteem the leader’s ability tobuild confidence in the team. Moreover, trust enables members to feelsafe with their ideas and information they provide. It makes membersspeak to each other in an honest and meaningful manner (Corey,et al.,2013). However, extremetrust within the group may make some members to takeadvantage ofothers.

Discussionboard question # 28

Making transition is oftenexciting, but equally scary. Change brings fear of uncertaintiesamong members. The team may fear that the transition might make themlose everything that they have worked for. Participants may also beanxious to make the transition because they are not sure if it comeswith beneficial situations or not. In most instances, change causesstress to the members since they begin to feel that it may bedifficult to cope with the new situations presented to them (Corey,et al.,2013). Some membersmay have a fear of being eliminated as a result of the change.


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