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Healthand Fitness

Frommy report, my Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) was 2260.9. I did meet mydaily calorie intake. My daily calorie intake was 1200. On the firstday, my intake was 1308 which was 108 more than my daily goal. On thesecond day, I had a calorie intake of 1534 calories, a value whichwas 300 calories more than my daily intake. On the third day, Ialmost hit my target since I recorded a calorie intake of 1175calories. My daily goal for protein was 60. My daily goal forcarbohydrate was 150. My daily goal for fat intake was 40. I did notmeet my daily intake for carbohydrate requirement since most of thefoods I eat had minimum carbohydrates. I also failed to meet my dailyprotein intake on a single day because I did consume less protein. Asfor fat intake, I like fatty foods hence it was easy to meet my dailyintake on both days.

Thethree foods that contributed to the greatest intake of sodium werethe cava-chicken bowl, healthy choice-garlic shrimp, and cava mezzegrill-feta. My intake of sodium was below my daily intake. I couldimprove my sodium intake by eating processed poultry, or cured meatsmeals. The three foods that contributed to my greatest intake ofcholesterol were garlic shrimp, tuna can, and plain yogurt. Thesefoods had a minimum rate of cholesterol. It is for this reason that Ifailed to meet my daily intake of cholesterol. To improve my dailyintake of cholesterol, I would take foods with hard margarine,butter, and ghee. The three foods that contributed to my highestintake of saturated fats were burgers, chicken bowl, and feta.However, I did not meet my daily intake of saturated fats. I wouldimprove my diet by incorporating foods like coconut cream, palm oils,ghee, and goose fat into the diet.

Myreport shows that I have deficiencies in iron and vitamin A. There isonly one day where I met my vitamin A daily intake. My intake ofiron, on the other hand, was so low. To meet my daily intake of iron,I would take foods like poultry, red meat, beans, and seafood. Toimprove the vitamin A intake, I would eat food like beef liver, sweetpotatoes, carrots, and spinach.

Duringthe three day period, I did yoga. I lost a number of calories whendoing the exercise. On the first day, I did not do any exercise. Onthe second day, I did 120 minutes of the exercise, and on the thirdday, I did 60 minutes. Even though I had more than 30 minutes for thetwo days, I feel it was not enough. I will incorporate another typeof exercise like jogging into my exercise regime. I will also try todo the exercises each day and avoid missing any day.

Thisproject has made me understand many things. I now know my BMR and mydaily intake of all foods and micronutrients. The project has helpedme identify some of my weak nutrition areas. Working in these areaswill make me improve my diet and health. The project has also helpedme identify the errors I make when exercising. I now know that Ishould include another form of exercise in my exercise routine. Ifeel this project has improved my health and lifestyle.

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