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Healthinsurance helps in bankrolling someone’s health care costs. Whilemany individualsmay have personal health insurance coverage, mainly because of theiremployer, a good number of folks opt to get the health insurancethrough programs given by the government of Texas. Nonetheless, someindividuals because of reasons well known to themselves may decidenot take insurance cover at all.

Inthis discussion,I will expound on several numbers regarding insurance coverage in theTexas based on the data collected in 20i4 by Recent Population StudyYearly Social and Economic Enhancement together with 2013 TexasCommunity Survey (TCS) as my main point of references. The basis ofthis paper is giving details on the Health Assurance Treatment andthe sources of insurance coverage in the given characteristics (Smith&amp Medalia, 2014).

Agerelates closely with the chances that an individual possesseshealth insurance and the kind of health cover the person owns. Olderadults who are considered to be 65 years and above together withchildren, below the stipulated age of 19 years are groups to gethealth indemnity coverage. It is a result of their age groups thatenables them merit for particular Texas government health careinitiatives. For instance, children below the age of 19 years andthey come from families that have littleincome may end up being considered for Children’s Health Insuranceinitiative or Medicaid (Smith&amp Medalia, 2014).

Forolder people, having the age of 65 years and above, Medicaid givesthem health care remuneration.

Accordingto the recent study, the highest number of older individuals wereprivileged to have government coverage. 40.4 percent of the youngerpeople were able to be given the government coverage, and thegovernment of Texas gave 18.0 % of those mature people working (19years to 64 years) medical coverage.In essence, government plays an indispensable role as a source ofmedical cover (Smith&amp Medalia, 2014).

Thepercentage of individuals below the age of 65 percentage of folks notinsured was 15.3 percent. Almost 7.6 percent of people do not havehealth coverage. Nonetheless, adults aged between 19 to 64 years hadfewerchances to acquire health insurance compared to those who were above65 years old (Smith&amp Medalia, 2014).

Accordingtothe study, people with low income seekhealthinsurance means and also health insurance coverage. Most of theindividuals who have low income may have the opportunity to becovered through the help of government health insurance system ascompared to peoplewho hada domesticsalary, who may opt to have private coverage (Smith&amp Medalia, 2014).

In2013, 26.7 percent of individuals with income below $25,000 had theability to access private coverage, when compared to around 89.8percent of individuals with income beyond or at $ 150, 000 (Smith&amp Medalia, 2014).

Forcollege students, most schools offerstudents’ health plan, it iseasyand means that is affordable for students to acquire primaryinsurance coverage. If one enrolls in this scheme,in most instances it counts as merit health coverage. The student isusually covered bythe health upkeep law, and will not have to pay for not takinginsurance cover(Health Care, 2016).

Smallemployers have the choice whether to give health insurance to theirworkers or not. If they give the insurance, it must be availed toevery employee laboring 30 hours or aboveper week and to their dependents. Texas insurance policies definesmall employers as a business with two to50 workers, despite the number of hoursthey work (Texas. Gov, 2016). For smallbusiness employees, they may opt for individual health service andfacilitate the cost at personal or decide for group health insurance(Zane Benefits, 2016).

Ifone is self-employed, you can opt for privateHealth Insurance Marketplace. To register is soft,high-quality wellbeing coverage that operates well for individualswho serve their trades (HealthCare, 2016).


Theexpenses for health insurance in the Texas and UnitedStates as a whole is the biggestproblem to access to quality health coverage that affects many folks.The increasing cost of health insurance leads many people in thecountry to go without coverage in insurance cost along with theaccompanying increase in the cost in the healthsector has contributed to health insurers to give more rules withincreased deductibles alongside other limitations that need consumersto a significant portion of the cost forthemselves. Many folks with pre-existing circumstances for instancedepression and cancer are turned down for attention, not givencoverage for the condition or asked to pay higher prices to cover theconditions.

Thepeople Texas are obligated to pay premiums for health coverage toenable insurance firms together with the government to facilitatetheir medication in case of illness or need for treatment. Incontrast to the above, the government together with other bodiesshould come together and agree on subsiding the premiums to enableevery citizentoacquire health cover. A state with healthy peopleis destined to greatness.


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