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The thesis statement for the paper is that thereis a great and urgent need for professionals in the health system tocome up with specialized health care for transgender individuals.

Transgender identities are individuals that havegender identity or gender expression that differs from the assignedsex. Essentially, assigned sex is the male or female category that anewborn is given at birth based on genital type while the genderidentity of an individual refers to the special sense of being andsubjective experience of their gender. Thus, when this differs fromtheir assigned sex, the person is termed as transgender. Transgender,as the word suggests, consists of both Trans men and Trans women.

Health wise, various issues undermine the care ofindividuals with transgender identities. These issues occur mainlydue to their sexual orientation. Health officials tend to lack therelevant information concerning the sexual orientation of the patientthus demoralizing the patient, Sellers &amp Mitchell D. (2011).Mainly, this is due to lack of knowledge or ignorance by thehealthcare personnel. However, the primary factor leading to this isfear of stigmatisation, thus each researcher or a professional or ahealthcare personnel shy’s away from the topic Bettcher, et al(2005). Despite that, a deeper analysis shows that transgenderidentities also face shortcomings while undergoing care as manyhealthcare officials fail to inquire about the individual’s sexualorientation. Thus influences their treatment as medicationadministered may not concur with their gender identity.

Even though transgender characters face socialissues such as substance abuse, obesity, tobacco, domestic violenceand mental health concerns, how the medical personnel takes care of asubject individual is what matters most, Thanemet. al (2016). Many nurses have a negative attitude towards thesubject thus causing the care activities to have a limited number ofskilled labours. Also, the mentality of transgender patients isbecause of proper understanding on the transgender.


Finally, there is a need for more researchconcerning the matter, critical analysis on the matters is alsonecessary for future studies. Besides, more emphasis should be put bythe principal sources of information such as researchers and medicalcare personnel so as to create guidelines that will ensure that eachperson regardless of sexual orientation well taken care of in ahealthcare facility.


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