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AShaky Start for Healthcare.Gov

Disorganizationwith Implementation had a high risk of failure owing to its complexity,Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) committed manymistakes throughout implementation that resulted in the poor launch.CMS failed to appoint clear leadership to oversee the process. Italso failed to assess tasks needed to ascertain how to integratemarketplace within CMS best. CMS had no clear leadership to overseethe implementation of the, facilitate quick decisionmaking, clarify project tasks, as well as to identify problems(Goldstein, 2013). Furthermore, employees of CMS failed to supervisethe contractors developing the website and prioritize project tasksto ensure success. Lack of leadership led to delays in makingimportant decisions, detecting problems, clarifying projects. Theambiguous and diffuse management failed to hold contractors and CMSaccountable and allowed decisions to be made by various agencies.Supervisors in the top-down chain were also resistant to break badnews of the problems they faced to the boss by allowing the processto go on (Nguyen Van, 2016). Communication breakdown hamperedcommunication among various agencies involved. They rarelycommunicated with one another. Furthermore, the deadline set forcompleting the software and launch the exchange was unrealistic.

Anotherobstacle involved is the organizational structure of CMS, whichhampered progress. Poor coordination among various agencies left manystakeholders unaware of who is responsible for what. Supervisors ofCMS ignored problems they faced and to communicate bad news to thehigher authority for correction and reorganization (OIG. 2016).

Strictdeadline made it impractical to achieve full functionality. CMSdevoted a lot of time in developing policy left by developers withlittle time to complete the project. While launch wason schedule, visitors immediately faced technical problems of hugemagnitudes. Issues with system and software design made the usersview the system more negatively.

Therewas also the problem with the design of the system. It required usersto open individual accounts prior to starting shopping for insurancecoverage. This complex registration involved inputting personal data.


TheObama’s administration should rework new regulations and rules to quell the outpouring discontent among Americans. The administration must learn lessons from the and change regulations accordingly. It is evident thatthe lack of IT expertise and outdated procurement rules shared theblame for the disastrous HealthCare launch (Fabian, 2015). Thedevelopment of the project delayed to kick off because thepolicymakers had to make rules, specify the software requirement andmeet procurement threshold rules. Despite the fact that the contractwas given in 2011, the administration delayed in givingspecifications causing the contractors to write the software codelate in 2013. Reliance on policymakers to develop business processesand regulations introduced bottlenecks for business analysis,requirement gathering and development. Therefore, the development ofthe site began too late, paving way for too many risks. It also leftvery little time for adjustments and testing.

TheObama’s administration should adopt new procurement rules andrecruit IT expertise from twitter and Google to improve its techsurge. The American digital team is able to recruit and hire abaseline of talent to offer a tech surge.

Asfor the protection of personal information, the administration needsto upgrade its technology, change culture and administrative habits.CMS would have avoided the failure in the first launch if itsofficials had expertise to oversee the project process. To beginwith, the strict deadline of October 1 was unrealistic given thecomplexity of the project. The go-live date was determined in advancebefore the development of project plan. Mega IT projects such require adequate time to test the site and software.

Therequirement that users should first create accounts to be able toaccess was unnecessary. The requirement that users must create theirspecific accounts first and provide personal information to be ableto access existing healthcare plans in their locality should be doneaway with. It not only caused traffic jam due to lack of enoughcomputing capacity, but also caused cryptic error messages,difficulty logging in and delivered inaccurate quotes to consumers.The users should have been permitted to access health plans withouthaving to first complete the registration process.

CMSwas ill-prepared to oversee the development of the project yet theObama’s administration trusted the agency to handle the project.The development of the website failed because CMS didnot adhere to effective oversight and planning practices. In mega ITprojects like, technological expertise on the part ofauthority is important. Having experts in charge of the whole processwill ensure planning practices and procedures are strictly followed.

Lackof planned process led to evolving priorities, as well as multipledefinitions of success (OIG, 2016). This compelled contractors tokeep changing direction regularly, wasting money and time. Poorcommunication allowed vital information to pass over relevantstakeholders. This problem is attributed to lack of leadership, whichled to delayed decision making. Though Center for Medicare andMedicaid Services took the role of coordinating, the developmentefforts, and its management structure was doomed to fail for itsdisorganization. Top-down Communication was poor. Furthermore, therewas the lack of communication among the various involved agencies.


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Health Care



Personalresponsibilities include exercising and being fit in ways that helpmaintain the best heath conditions one can have. Civil responsibilityto health care, on the other hand, involves a person’s efforttowards helping the government and the community improve healthconditions. These processes will include the creation of awareness ona disease and helping organizations grow within communitiesconcerning funding. These two responsibilities affect each andeveryone’s personal health.

Somesocial considerations today affect the community and all that goeson. Among these factors include:


Currently,this disease is among the most deadly diseases in the world today. It results in individuals losing their family and friends henceinterfering with family responsibilities. To the community, we loseprofessionals and therefore interfere with the society’sdevelopment process.


Wehave cocaine, LSD, Crystal meth, prescription drugs and marijuana assome of the most abused drugs among the youth. These drugs makepeople addicted and therefore increased levels of financialexpenditure. Drug abuse is also a common cause of death. To thesociety, there is usually increased levels of crime through druginfluences as well as problems associated with the physical andmental development of individuals.

Tobaccoand Alcohol Abuse

Sincethese two drugs are legal in most of the countries, they are oftenabused in high levels. They lead to infections such as lung cancerand liver cirrhosis. The society is also affected in that we haveirresponsibility behavior such as parenting and some effect on theinfluence on young developing children.

ViolenceAnd Intentional Injury

Thesetwo characteristics arise from increased levels of stress.Personally, it leads to death or complications that may result fromsevere bleeding. To the society, it can lead to death from aggravatedlevels of violence. Crime will increase rampantly in the society.


Theseaffects an individual since it leads them to drop out of school andto try to establish some balance in life. This increases thedependency ratio and therefore increasing poverty.

SexuallyTransmitted Diseases

Thesediseases have a significant impact on the health consideration ofindividuals. It may lead to people being sterile or developcomplication with childbearing leading to death. To the society, itwill lead to increased dependency and high investments in medicalcare.


Obesityis the other habitual disorder that influences an individual withhigh blood pressure, cancer, and diabetes. To the society, there isthe development of unhealthy and inactive people and thereforeleading to a lack of proper development.

Theimpact from these various infections to particular people as well astheir implication to the society as a whole.


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