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U.Sdepartment of health and human services’ status indicators reportusing social factors and physical environment as an assessment toolto understand the condition of its individuals. WHO’s global healthobservatory uses the physical data and statistics of an area.WHO’s global health observatory uses indicators to effectivelymonitor the general health progress within the society (WHO, 2016).

Thecommunity focuses on the geographical areas such as primary,secondary and tertiary healthcare institutions. It uses populationhealth analysis to identify and understand the health viability ofindividuals (CDC, 2015). It also uses someinterdisciplinary approaches that help in supporting an individual’sgeneral well being. Global health focuses on respective occupationaland significantsubfields of medicines. Global health also uses disability-adjustmentlife-years to adequately quantify the massivedisease burdens brought about by the different medicalconditions across the world.

Despitethe variousmeasures employedby both community and global care, it should benotedthat the two areas are similar in the sense that they incorporate theuse of policy decisions to identify the different methodologies inwhich health measures areestablished.Through this, accurate information of a region’s health conditionis determined.Further, the use of policy decisions fostersthe establishment of different types of interventions applied inaddressing medicalconditions within the society. Importantly, it should benotedthat the community and global health measurements are both used tooffer educational campaigns in a bid to ensure the constant spread ofdiseases. The community and global health measurement also providerelevant information that could be employedin the treatment of particular health conditions (Arah,2009).By this, it is evident that the two health measurement provides anincreased sense of individual inclusion.


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