Healthcare Administration Areas


HealthcareAdministration Areas

HealthcareAdministration Areas

Healthcareadministration is one of the key fields in the health sector. Thearea deals specifically with the various forms of leadership in thehealth sectors. The hospitals operate like businesses and hencerequire a proper leadership in place to ensure the smooth running ofthe activities. The most important areas of health administrationinclude the patient`s care, information management as well as therunning of the office. Healthcare management should be flexible toaccommodate the current and future changes (Walshe &amp Smith,2011). The three areas are vital for the efficient running of thehospitals. The manager hires, trains and manages the employees.

Thehuman resource is one of the critical areas in the hospitalleadership. The human resource manager ensures that the hospitaloperates efficiently since all the personnel related issues areaddressed to him or her. Some of the top organizations of humanresource in the sector of health include the ASHHRA, which is anAmerican Association that deals with personnel. The initials ASHHRAstands for American Society for Healthcare Human ResourcesAdministration. This organization offers the certified in healthcarehuman resources certification abbreviated as CHHR. The requirementsfor this certification include a masters, bachelors, or associatedegree from an accredited college. The fees for the exams are $295for theASHHRAmembers and $425for non-members.

Thenext organization is the HHRMAC, which serves the same purpose as theASHHRA, but operates in California. The initials HHRMAC stands forHealthcare Human Resources Management Association of California. Theorganization offers the HRCI credits for the professionalcertifications abbreviated as HRCI, which is meant for members only.

Thelast body is the HHRAM, which works in Minnesota. All theseassociations deal with the human resource in the larger healthcarearea. The initials HHRAM stands for Healthcare Human ResourcesAssociation of Minnesota, Inc. The organization offers the HHRAMeducation scholarship. The requirements for this fellowship includebeing HHRAM member or dependent of the member.

Theother vital area is the management of the healthcare information,which deals with the protection of the hospital information, bothelectronic and paper-based. Some organizations related to the sectorinclude the AHIMA, which is based in America. CHIMA is anothersimilar organization that operates in Canada. The HIMSS group is thethird example of the same association in the United States.Regardless of the location and area of operation of theseorganizations, they are known to play an integral role in health careadministration.


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