Healthcare Business


ExecutiveSummary explaining the business

Thebusiness to be developed is a durable health equipment, inparticular, a wheelchair. The product would bear variousmodifications on the current one’s available in the market to suita variety of individuals needs. It would incorporate technologicaladjustments that would make it easier to handle and efficient in itsoperations with regards to the target group. The range of activitiesthat it would be used for would significantly increase. Thereby,coming in handy to provide the much-needed assistance for theindividuals to lead a healthy life and become dependent on themselves(Deems-Dluhy,Jayaraman &amp Jayaraman, 2016).

Reasonswhy it’s needed and by whom

Theproduct would be required since it would enable individuals who havevarious physical challenges, and other disabilities undertakeactivities regularly. It would make them self-reliable and reduce thedependency level on others. Additionally, they would enjoy otheractivities such as adventure when going out for long distances whilein any terrain. It would be a big boost in enhancing their quality oflife, by making them overcome the psychological thoughts and emotionsthat burden them often. Instead, energy would be directed to leadinga more fulfilling life and taking advantage of what is available.

Theproduct would be essential to war veterans and accident victims whohave undergone various injuries such as spinal cord injuries. Amongothers that have impaired their movement ability and impacted on themphysically. The other category of people who would benefit would bethose born with various disabilities and are unable to move and moreoften than not depend on others for assistance. The product wouldcome in handy as it would ease their life struggles and make themexcited (Schuman,M. A, 2012).

Businesscompetitors and the differences

Availingthe product to the market for target group wouldn’t come withoutits challenges. Various companies with a strong brand presence wouldbe a factor to bear in mind. The competition expected would be stiffsince, they understand the market better on top of that, have properand efficient distribution channels of their products. Besides that,they have created a reputation for quality in what they deliver andthe market firmly believes in them and what they offer. Consequently,it leads to a stronger bond with their market.

However,all that wouldn’t bring me down in that the product I hope topresent would much theirs significantly. Numerous concepts in thedesign and functionality would distinguish and set us apart. In mybusiness, I would bank on the unique features and capability as mystrongholds in swaying the market. The ability of the wheelchair tobe movable in any terrain would be one of the advantage incorporated.It would enhance and ease movement without worries of occurrence ofany uncertainties. Distribution channels would be through well-knownwholesalers to assist in reaching the target market quickly(Sakakibara,Miller, Backman &amp Routhier, 2014).

Moreover,the product would provide the capability of movement while in astanding position. It would enable the affected individuals toundertake their activities normally without help from anyone. Itwould increase reliability. Subsequently, it would also be adjustableto facilitate maneuvering in any circumstance such as climbing ofstairs which would be a bonus. All those features would distinguishme from my competitors the likes of Sunrise Medical, InvacareCorporation, and Otto back healthcare. Lastly, the price would beaffordable for the target market putting into consideration value formoney and comfort would be a guarantee with the client’s issues inmind. To crown it all, it would be self-propelling.


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