Healthcare Issues



IHP501 Discussion Responses

Iagree with the discussion that there is a need for the collaborationbetween the local applications for domestic healthcare as well as theinternational focus on global health. This is because according toGibbs(2014),healthcare is a global issue that requires the coordination of theinternational bodies such as WHO as well as the local healthcaresectors in the respective countries. However, if any competitionexists between the two, the persons who will suffer are the citizens.Notably, Gibbs(2014)posits that global health should focus on issues that are commonlyfound in almost every country. However, the local health mechanismsmust also be there to deal with healthcare matters that are uniqueand specific to a particular state or country (Luz et al., 2011). Forinstance, the discussion presents a case Ocean County New Jersey`sindicators of mortality and those of Passaic County New Jersey. Itwas established that each county has varying rates of a certainhealth condition compared to the other. As such, although globalhealth is critical, there should be local mechanisms to domesticatethe global guidelines.

Icannot agree more that global health focuses healthcare matters on alarge scale while community health is more specific to the conditionsin which individuals are born and work. However, the impact of bothsets of healthcare concerns cannot be underestimated. Global healthis focused on healthcare concerns that affect a majority of thecountries in a certain category (Luz et al., 2011). As such, globalperspectives are critical as they provide interventions that havebeen proved in other countries. This ensures that there is equalityin healthcare access (Spiegel et al, 2011). Additionally, it iscritical that community and global health work in unison to addressmutual public health issues.


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