Healthcare – Reflection Journal

Healthcare- Reflection Journal

Healthcare- Reflection Journal

Peoplehave different cultures some of which tend to go against theprinciples of healthcare thus subjecting the nurses to an ethicaldilemma they are required to make decisions that would satisfy theneeds of their clients and at the same time conform to the standardsof their profession (Kostenzer, 2016).Medical Institutions aresupposed to meet the healthcare needs of every individualirrespective of their culture and the services provided shouldsatisfy the diverse need of the community. Most cultures promotesex-selective practices whereby the male children are preferred overtheir female counterpart. Most couples, therefore, strive to get malechildren due to the influence of their culture. There is biasness inthe manner in which the female children are treated, and in somecultures, people go the extent ending the life the fetus by askingthe nurses conduct an abortion whenever they discover that the fetusis of the female gender. This practice is unethical and contradictsthe objectives nursing of upholding human life (Mohapatra, 2013).

Nurseshave the mandate to decide on whether to conduct an abortion or notin a situation where the expectant mother prefers a child of aparticular gender. However, they guided by ethics as well as theUustal decision model which aids in making such complex decisionsfaster. Moreover, the decision-making process involving such type ofmedical issues can be is facilitated by both the use of NightingalePledge and the Hippocratic Oath. These two elements of nursingpractice provide guidance on the most appropriate action to be takenbased on a given context and ensure that the right decisions aremade, and actions taken by the nurses are in line with the ethics oftheir profession (A Nigro, 2015).


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