Heroin epidemics in America

Heroinepidemics in America

Americais now struggling with the widespread of heroin users with its numberreaching a 20-year high. The deaths related to the use of heroin havealso increased significantly. The number of users of heroin reachedalmost one million in 2014 according to the UN`s World Drug Report of2016(Rose-Ackerman, &amp Palifka, 32).Reports say that the rise might be attributed to the currentlegislation introduced in the current years which makes it harder forthe drug addicts to abuse prescription medications that have the sameeffect as heroin such as oxycodone. The texture of such drugs waschanged and made it difficult for one to crush it and injecthim/herself. Furthermore, the rise in the usage of heroin is causedby the increase in the supply of heroin into the country which makesits price to be lower than it used to be. Some of the of the causesheroin epidemic are the need to feel high by the drug users who endup overdosing the prescribed drugs, the access of the drugs has beenmade easier by the digital communication and lastly the addiction ofpeople to the drug make it difficult for them to deal with thesymptoms of withdrawal. The paper summarizes the causes of the heroinepidemic in the United States and their effects.

Thegreater supply of heroin in America from the neighbouring countriessuch as Mexico has led to the decrease in the prices of heroin makingit affordable for most people. Increased supply has also made iteasier for people to access the drug and use it. Due to that, mostcitizens in America have increased their usage of the drug startedusing the drug. Moreover, due to the current accessibility, mostindividuals who had stopped using the drug due to the shortage havenow restarted the usage. This cause has considerably been facilitatedby the lack of enough control by the government to ensure there is noillegal drug trafficking in the country(Duke, Steven and Albert, 67).The government has utterly failed to control the drug trafficking inthe country. However, the citizens of the United States are notconscientious. They have failed to play their part in stopping theillegal drug trafficking. Most of the drug users know very well thatthe use of the drug is illegal, but they insist on using it. Also,the non-user fails their roll of reporting such incidences to theauthorities in case of one.

However,most people who are abusing the prescription drugs have opted forheroin so that they can continue being high. This has been promotedby the formation of the United States legislation being that make ithard for the people to abuse this drugs that have the same effect asheroin. For this reason, most of them have opted for heroin which iscurrently being primarily supplied to America. The texture of suchdrugs has been made to be so hard for someone to break and injectthem into the bloodstream with the name of getting high. This has ledto the high demand of heroin by the drug addicts who want to feel thesame effect. The legislation against abuse of prescription drugs forthe purpose of getting high has led to people who have never seen ortested heroin to start using with the knowledge that the feeling isthe same as the abused prescribed drugs(Cicero, Theodore J., et al 822).Therefore, the government has to take its role and-and make itdifficult for such people to access heroin and not just for theprescribed drugs. Lack of advice by the medical practitioners to suchpeople has also played a significant role in heroin epidemic. Sincesome of the users never knew the effects of the drug before using it.

Thedigital communication has also made it easier for the heroin addictsto access it. It has also made it easier for the drug traffickers tostudy the current drug market and know where there is high demand forit. Nowadays, people have created their platforms where they cancommunicate and share their issues privately without public access.Presently, the drug traffickers in America can communicate veryeasily with their clients on the meeting points and the time withoutbeing realized by the authorities(Unick, George Jay, et al, 67).Therefore, the government has failed to put measures that will ensurethat all the communication platforms are inspected so that seriousactions can be taken in case of any drug discussion or trafficking. The citizens have failed play their role especially those who formedsuch platforms for allowing such discussion to be carried out.

Heroinepidemic has been growing at a very high rate in America. Thewidespread has mainly been caused by the large supply of the drug inthe country which makes the prices lower, the invention of digitalcommunication which makes people communicate with others privately.It has also been caused by the abused of the prescription drugs bythe people who then turns to heroin after strict regulations to feelhigh again. Lastly, there is fear of dealing with the withdrawalsymptoms after being addicted. Therefore, there is a need for thegovernment and all the citizens to join hands in fighting this heroinepidemic.


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