Hills like White Elephants


Hillslike White Elephants

Hillslike white elephants

EarnestHemingway opens his story with a long, vivid description of a settingwith a railway station surrounded by many hills, fields, andvegetation cover. Couples sit outside the train station waiting tocatch it to their destination. The American’s girlfriend gives aremark that the hills resemble white elephants something whichAmerican responds not to have a clue about. By contrast, the girlsays that the hills no more resemble elephants anymore.

Manyreaders have found the writer`s style to be overly masculine. In hiscontext, there is no beautiful phrases neither breathtaking passagesbut rather bold environmental landscapes and bigger animals i.e. theelephants and hills. There is tension about death and dying. Theauthor presents the couple to be worried of the outcomes of anoperation that the American girl is supposed to undergo. However, herboyfriend consoles her and gives her encouragement that she will beokay after a successful operation since it has happened with otherpeople.

Theauthor uses a narrative style in the book to bring forth hiddenaspect of life. For example, the girl who is supposed to undergo anoperation is involved in alcohol drinking which is not good for herhealth at the moment. Additionally, it is a bit unusual that herboyfriend is not concerned of her drinking habit at this particulartime. Another style that Hemmingway uses is dialogue and conversationof the characters involved. The main characters are involved inlengthy conversations discussing their errands as well as areflection of their relationship life.

Hemingwayavoids the use of dialogue tags and internal monologs. This createssuspense on the readers to thoughtfully come up with theirinterpretations of the author`s intentions.


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