Thereare different kinds of religion found in various regions of theworld. Religion is a term used to refer to the beliefs that diversegroups of people have towards worshipping of an extraordinary powerthat is in control of everything. This super human power is said tobe either God or the gods. The different religions found in the worldinclude Christianity, Islam, and . This paper will discuss and how this religion has been addressed in various books,and what the authors believe about religion.

is among the three top types of religion found in the world afterChristianity and Islam. This statement is compared to what the book“Introduction to Sociology Seagull 10thedition,” says that is one of the main religions afterChristianity and Islam. This religion is polytheistic and internallydiverse due to various forms and practices found within. The religioncontains three forms which are Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism.

Variouspeople usually have different views about different types ofreligion. According to Elizabeth Warren’s in her book “A FightingChance,” she says that it is necessary for every religion to engagein dialogue whenever a problem arises because it will help to avoidthe conflict that usually occurs between the existing religions inthe world.

Fromthis discussion, it can be concluded that there are various types ofreligions in the world, being among the three top groups offaith. This religion has various forms of practices and beliefs thatare observed by the individuals practicing it. To ensure that thereis peaceful coexistence between the different types of religion,dialogue needs to be conducted.