Home away from home Little Palestine by the Bay`

Homeaway from home: Little Palestine by the Bay`

Growingup I never thought much about what home was. Why would I do that yetI have grown up in a peaceful and loving home. I did not appreciatethe element of home. But watching the exhibit you come to appreciateits role in trying to let Palestine have a way of expressingthemselves. Najib uses media photography exhibits and audiorecordings of twenty seven individuals of Palestine origin living inthe United States. The individuals are of different gender, age andfinancial status. Najib compares individuals who have experiencedfirst-hand wars and evictions in the United States and those who havenot. &nbsp

Whenan individual listens to the voice and looks at the photographedpeople, an individual develops feelings on what other individuals aregoing through. The biasness individuals are exposed to simply becausethey are of another race. The ordeals the girl undergoes beingrejected back at home because she is a Palestine and being isolatedin the United States because she is a Palestinian. She does not knowher roots and at the United States makes one to develop empathy tothe majority of the Palestine community in the United States.

Thefeelings expressed are universal. The individuals living in theUnited States still feel a strong sense of attachment to Pakistan.The elderly man in Najib Joe Hakim exhibit does not feel a sense ofidentity in the United States and still fears the ordeal back athome. Sometimes an individual may not feel a sense of identity. Theelder describes how he feels not being accepted. He describes home aswhere you have a sense of identity, comfort and being accepted theway you are.

Watchingthe exhibit also changes an individual perspective on war. Listeningto the firsthand experience of war crimes results in a change ofideas on a number of issues like using my rights and freedoms toadvocate for those who are not able to do it themselves, appreciatingour history and owning it for a better future in which there is onlypeace, love and harmony.


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