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Culturalrelativism is an action that the society finds morally acceptable orunacceptable if the society finds it immoral. For example, a morallyacceptable happens when a company employs individual according totheir qualifications. An immoral action happens when a companyemploys individuals through corruption or gender bias. For example,an immoral action happens when an American company takes advantage ofthe discrimination of the Mexican American and pays them less moneycompared to other employees.

Thereis a big difference between rights and responsibilities. Rights aretreatments and goods that individuals owe each other. For example,the right to protection in a company is needed for the employees. Theemployees need to feel safe in a company, and the employees good suchas the company must keep salary safe. The mean of responsibility iswhat an individual owes another individual. For example, anindividual is employed by a company and accepts the terms andcondition. The individual sign documents that support he or she willwork for a certain period. The individual has a responsibility toperform tasks that are given to him or her. The individual owes thecompany time and good performance for a given task.

Affirmativeaction is an action or policy in a company that improves equality,which goes beyond a simple legal access. This policy does not affectthe quality and standards for employments. For example, an Americancompany can employ Mexican American and treat them equally like otheremployees. The company avoids exploitation and providing equalopportunities for all employees.

Implicitbias can be defined as beliefs and actions that are prejudicial andbiased. These actions are done relatively automatic and unconscious.For example, an individual at a company can perform an action towardsa female individual that is biased. Another example, can be racialacts and gender discrimination.

Demonstrativeaffiliation is a society indication of a religious belief that hasdivisive effects. For example, due to religious beliefs a company canaccept and prohibits certain types of dress codes. Things likedisparate treatment and hostile environment should be avoided andcontrolled.


Inthe affirmative action, an employer is supposed to aim for an equalworkplace. They employ women and persons of color as long as they donot affect the equality in the workplace. Affirmative action providesan environment where an employee has equal opportunities for hireposition. However, for preferential action, the employers do notconsider equality in the workplace. This action grant persons ofcolor and women and an opportunity to be employed and this actionaffect equality and the qualities of the workplaces. For example,three individuals who are looking for jobs and a woman or a person ofcolor is considered even if his qualifications are lower than a whitecandidate is. Desjardins has merit arguments that do not support thepreferential hiring. According to the moral, social responsibilitiesargument, the corporation has to maximize profits and any actions bythe corporation that may affect the profits of the company. I agreewith this argument because actions made by a company should targetequality, quality and better performance of a company.


Beingtrustworthy can be described as a person with expertise andprofessional competence. Loyalty can be defined as the willingness tosacrifice oneself for a particular reason. For example, a loyalperson in a company sacrifices his interest for the company. Honestyis telling the truth to coworkers and employees in a company.According to Duska in a workplace, there is a contractualarrangement, and the overriding goal in a workplace is profit. Theseconditions make the employees have no ethical responsibility to beloyal to their employees. He continues to explain that the employeeshave a responsibility to uphold their end of the contract and loyaltycannot function when two individuals have peeked theirself-interests. The reasonable conclusion regarding loyalty is thatemployers should be suspicious about employee loyalty since it is allabout the willingness to sacrifice one’s interests. The threegeneral reasons that employees have the ethical responsibility, to behonest, are dishonesty undermines the ability for communication, itminimizes the adverse effect of social consequences, and it creates agood condition for cooperative social activities.

Accordingto the discussion, there was an incident in 1970 where foreignbusiness practices corrupted US firms. This wide concern made thecountry to make changes in1977. Changes were observed when thecountry made a Foreign Corruption Act. This Act made it illegal forany US firm to bribe foreign officials to get favors or otherbusiness interests. According to Walmart, many companies hadparticipated in bribery activities in Mexico. Another case happenedin 1990-2000 that targeted the chain supply of companies thatproduced and distributed products. Nike was one of the companies inthis case and they accepted some workers were abused in theircompany. Since that period, attention has focused on child labor andsweatshop working conditions. According to the first discussion, thecompanies used to bribe other foreign business, some of theinternational rights could have been used. For example, any companyaccused to have been involved in such actions they had a right to afair trial. The companies would also have a right not to bediscriminated. In the second discussion, companies abused workerthrough many ways. The employees in the company have a right tofreedom from torture. Also, if the company had followed such ethicalframework they could not find themselves in such situation. Thecompany should not discriminate any employees, and if such situationhappens, actions should be taken.