How are LGBT Discrimination Problems Seen in Contemporary America and what are the Means for the Problem to be fixed?

Howare LGBT Discrimination Problems Seen in Contemporary America andwhat are the Means for the Problem to be fixed?

TheUnited States of America has been a symbol of equality throughouthistory. It has provided an opportunity for individuals from allraces, backgrounds, religious beliefs, and creeds. In fact, thecountry for a long time has served as the beacon to anyone thatwished to have their dream life come true. Nevertheless, despite thislong-standing coveted history, value for equality and accommodationof contrary views, the country is also on record for negativelydenying members of certain groups fundamental rights. Althougheveryone seems to overwhelmingly accept that discrimination is wrong,regardless of the shape it takes, the targeted group, and the settingof its occurrence, the vice has continued to take a devastating formand persists in many forms.

Currently,the lesbian, gay, bisexual and the transgender people facediscrimination in many facets, and it is publicly observable thatthey are denied some of the privileges that the Americans do enjoy(Chang 2105). The LGBT community is facing immense discriminationthat needs to be looked at and possible solutions provided to fix theissue.

Casesof Discrimination

  1. Discrimination in schools

Inschools, students who are or suspected to be LGBT in the USA arealways subjects of pervasive discrimination. They are harassed,bullied, intimidated and at last face violent actions (Becker 342). Such conditions impact negatively on their lives not onlyacademically but also mentally. Recent statics have shown that out often students within the LGBT community eight of them have reportedharassment cases in their school environment within the previous yearbasing on their sexual orientation. Any form of discriminationagainst the LGBT and other students that are gender nonconforming hasa direct and adverse implication in the life of the learner.Recently, about a third of the students within the bracket openlyskipped classes at least twice while others even stayed the whole dayout of school due to security issues. The national studies evenportray a horrible picture. According to their findings, carried onlearners in grade seven to twelve, the vulnerability of students whoLGBT to commit suicide was twice higher compared to their peers(Ahuja 70).

  1. Housing Discrimination

Researchconducted by the Michigan Housing Commission found out that a goodnumber of people were experiencing challenges in the housing andrental sectors due to their sexual orientation. From the findingstabled, it was evident that about thirty percent of same-sexmarriages were maliciously treated when they made attempts to acquireor rent property. In other cases, same- sex couples were shownproperties that were undesirable, quoted extremely high rent prices,accorded poor customer services or were totally barred from rentingas well as buying the properties (Yilmaz et al 472). Members of theLGBT community also reported that they were verbally harassed bytheir landlords, realtors, and the creditors in most of theirencounters. Nationally, the percentages in the housing departmentsstill depict inequality. For instance, 19% of the community wasdenied houses and apartments while 11% faced eviction. Nineteenpercent are homeless while only 32% of the LGBT individuals ownhouses compared to the 67 percent of the general populace (Yilmaz etal. 477).

  1. Healthcare and Workplace

Statistically,the LGBT stands to be one of the most discriminated communities inthe field of healthcare and workplace. In the office, almost everycompany in the USA distinguishes the members in the appointment,promoting and paying based on their gender status. In fact, one ofevery 25 complaints tabled within the workplace comes from the LGBTmembers (Yilmaz et al. 488). In the health sector, the individualshave been at extreme denied medical services, some of them treatedusing abusive language or even doctors refusing to come into contactwith them.

Solutionsto LGBT discrimination

  1. Enactment of Policies and Laws

Itis necessary for every social institution to have rules andlegislation of zero-tolerance to discriminative acts. Fortunately,many states have enacted acts that ban discrimination in theemployment sector basing on sexual identity (Chang 2113). In schoolstoo, there should be guidelines on the same.

  1. Education

Itis evident that most people do not understand the challenges that theLGBTs go through in their daily lives. Diversity training in manycases has sidelined them. There is a need for the masses tosensitized and educated to become knowledgeable on matters of theLGBT community. This move will not only help them to embracediversity from all spheres, but it will also enable them to realizesome of the discriminatory actions (Chang 2120).

  1. Listening

Anotheressential aspect to fix the issue is opening all the channels ofcommunication. Try to ask them about the condition of the workplace,the school the health services they were given and the propertiesthey are about to buy or rent. Do they think that theirconsiderations are being addressed? How do they feel when they arediscriminated? Communication will make them comfortable and open(Yilmaz 488).


Itis high time that individuals should stop basing their judgment ontheir sexual standing. People should be free to acquire services inschools and health care fraternity, get employment and also rent andbuy properties without fear of provocation on their gender identity.


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