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`Communicationhas been defined as the process of conveying intended meaning fromone person or group to another through the use of signs and semioticrules that are mutually understandable to all the parties involved. The most initial steps of communication include the process of comingup with the communicative intent, composition of the message, theencoding, and decoding of the message[ CITATION Wat11 l 1033 ].Transmission of the encoded signal as a sequence of signals by use ofa particular channel or medium, the reception of the signals and theoriginal message is reconstructed, and finally, the message isinterpreted, and sense is made out of the reconstructed message. Thestudy of communication is broad. In the human communication, thereare three types of communication verbal, which is described asinvolving listening to the sender of the message so as to comprehendthe meaning of the message. Written, in the case of writtencommunication, the intended message is read and nonverbalcommunication which mostly deals with observation and inferringmeaning to the observation made by a person[ CITATION Wat11 l 1033 ].

In this case study, we are going to use the movie Titanic. There areso many benefits of using a video or media clips as compared toteaching without demonstration. They are tools of teaching newconcepts, start discussions and also help in perspective taking. This paper will focus on the description of the scenes and howcommunication has been utilized. Films and media clips are best tointegrate the many complexities of the real world. One can understandthe communication techniques and how couples interact mainly andconverse[ CITATION Wat11 l 1033 ]. According to Leon and Angst, the ability to use films in learningexperiences help create shared languages and increased discussions.Films aid significantly in dialogue and enables risk taking morequickly. The characters found in the movie will help the viewers toconfidently and vicariouslydiscuss personal family experiences by identifying with the charactersituations from the film. For instance, we are can be able to give adetailed description of the emotionally abusing patterns ofcommunication that took place between the low-class and high-classcharacters of the movie Titanic. At the same, it is easy to questionvarious other concepts found in the media clip selected.

Communication involves different concepts. The first concept ofcommunication is to understand what communication is, the processthrough which it takes place, its specific components and the levelsin which communication is used. In the movie Titanic, there arevarious characters the movie is a romantic movie which involves alot of action packed within the romance of the characters in it. Themost captivation thing in the film is how the concepts ofcommunication have been integrated[ CITATION Wat11 l 1033 ].The story of the movie started way back before the characters in itwere born. However, a lady is found who was on the ship which it hitthe iceberg and she is called it to help explain what exactlyhappened and how it happened. The other characters sit and listen asthe old lady shares their experience with them. Everyone isattentive, and during the narration of the story and the escapades ofTitanic, the characteristics of communication are evidentlydisplayed.

Thereis the use of both behavior and symbols, the narrator of the story asthey speak and share encodes the message, and of course forms hermessage basing it on her beliefs, culture and values of where shecame. There are other times when communication is not intentional andhappens spontaneously either through emotions or body movements. Weall know that communication takes various channels in the movieTitanic the most primary method and the channel used was face toface. This type of communication channel has the advantage of thatfeedback is provided instantly[ CITATION Wat11 l 1033 ]. In every communication, there has to be a receiverand a sender to ensure that the communication process is complete. The reason as to why we find the audience very keen and attentive onthe movie, listening to the old lady is because of the adoption ofcompetent communication by the woman. It involved a process wasdelivered appropriately and more efficiently. All the facts werecorrectly linked to basic communication skills, and it called forhigh technology usage to locate the lady and cause her to talk andgive details concerning the menace that faced Titanic the ship thatwas biggest in the history of ships. The modeling helps define theinteraction level and the type of models that can be found in theconversation. Perception is part of the communication concepts.Perception involves how an individual interprets their personalexperiences and later arrive at their conclusions. For instance, inthe film Titanic, there is a scene where Rose the main character andalso the lady who narrates the story is drawn her portrait by theother main character namely Jack. The audience is mesmerized by thekind of connection that rose and jack had and is interested to knowhow he took her drawing. She explains how it happened and they laterconclude that the drawing amends painting did not end there. In theirminds, they perceive that as the two were drawing, emotions weredeveloping and therefore making them vulnerable causing them tobecome intimate. Rose, however, affirms to them it did not happen.Perception can significantly affect the success of communication[ CITATION Wat11 l 1033 ].

Thesecond concept of communication is Listening involves a lot more thanjust hearing. It is through the process of looking that onerecognizes, understands and accurately gives an interpretation to amessage. Listening has a process which is broken down intocomponents. These components include a cognitive component and thebehavioral component. The former is the ability to recognize andgive meaning and proper interpretation to a message[ CITATION Wat11 l 1033 ].While the latter deals with how one can remember the information ormessage passed untothem. In the movie Titanic you realize that as the lady rosecontinues to narrate the story, the audience is moved to tears. Thatis to show that they were actively listening to the conversation. The importance of this concept is that it helps the listeners to seekto understand the message and the meaning.

Thethird concept is on maintained relationships and how to buildrelationships. Communication revolves around relationships. Wheneverwe want to communicate, first we need to establish and build arelationship with the other party. There are several characteristicsthat one looks for in a friend or the other party in thecommunication process. When we are looking for friends we tend tomake an analysis of the rewards we are expecting, how we ought tobehave when around the other person[ CITATION Wat11 l 1033 ].The social exchange theory helps us understand better how we ought tostrike a balance between the advantages and the disadvantages wereceive from the friendships we build. In the movie Titanic, Jack andRose developed a romantic type of a relationship. While Rose camefrom an executive family, Jack was from a humble background. Both ofthem had to analyze the rewards and the costs associatedin both of them relating. The greatest importance of building andmaintaining relationships is that people can attain social goals.People become responsible for each other and care for each other. Families are also created through maintaining relationships[ CITATION Wat11 l 1033 ].


Inthe process of communication, it is important to embrace all thecomponents involved in it. Each part is equally essential in ensuringa mutual understanding of the parties involved. It is important alsoto have a self-concept. Self-concept can also be interpreted asunderstanding that we are. In other words having an understanding,our weaknesses and strength as self-perception also play asignificant role in the success of communication. Individuals areadvised to appreciate themselves and cultivate a high self-esteem asthat helps one be in a position to predict the actual success of thecommunication process[ CITATION Wat11 l 1033 ].

Conflictswill always be communication. It is, therefore, recommendable for oneto have the knowledge of group dynamism. The bigger a group becomes,the more complex communication becomes hence conflicts[ CITATION Wat11 l 1033 ].Making members of groups feel part of the team through encouragingparticipation acts a tool to reduce conflicts. Setting goals andholding each accountable for their actions also aids in reducingconflicts in communication.


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