Human Resource Management


HumanResource Management

HumanResource Management Overview

TheHuman Resource department is a vital resource. It ensures that theresources of the organization are well utilized, has a grand plan andthat it sticks to the scheme. As a newly appointed human resourcegeneralist, a lot is expected regarding planning and organization ofthe organization.A six-month plan would be ideal in streamlining theactivities of the company. For easy program setup, it would beappropriate to outline the activities that would be vital month aftermonth.

Firstmonth- familiarization

-Duringthe interview for the role, the management should have stated thereason for their decision to start the department. The reasons forthe setup would be a good starting point for me as the human resourcegeneralist.

-Oneof the first activities would be to meet with the whole managementand discuss with them the plans they have for the company, themission and vision if the company has one.

-At this point, the generalist would also get records if any about thecompany about the number of employees, the remuneration they get andthe qualifications they have for their assigned roles.

-Themanagement would be best placed also to explain the systems and howthey work to the generalist. Afterward, the human resource can alsointeract with the employees and get their views regarding the companyand the systems. The interviews are vital since it will help theemployees accept the changes that are to happen given theirinvolvement in the process (Mayhew, 2016).

Secondmonth is for Plan and strategy formulation.

-After the first contact interaction and information gathered, it willbe necessary to set up a plan. A short and long-term plan would beideal.

-Theplans will involve establishing the vision, mission and goals of thecompany if the company had none or fine tuning the existing one basedon the information gathered from the management and employees.

-Itwill also be important to interact with the finance department to setup the financial budget that is reflective of the economic analysis.

Thirdmonth will be for Plan implementation and job description creation.

-Afterthe plan creation, presentation to the management will be vital forthem to agree with it or to argue out the plans they areuncomfortable.

-Finetuning will then follow up after meeting with the management andafterward it will be presented to the employees to get their viewsand incorporate them in the process.

-Thefinal action before the lapse of the first three months would be injob descriptions development for each employee.

-Jobdescriptions will create new jobs depending on the roles that wereunderstaffed and will ensure that the right skills and educationexist among the labor force. The quest for the right skills will gohand in hand with recruitment policy development for the company(Thomas, Deshmukh, &amp Kumaar, 2008, p. 90).

Fourthmonth is for training.

-Given that human resource as a department would be new to theemployees, it would be ideal during this period to train theemployees concerning the role the department is to accomplish.

-Duringthis time the employees would be informed of the policies in thecompany, the job descriptions they fall in, the labor laws,remuneration, benefits and other policy areas set out by thedepartment. Training would also involve career enhancements for someof the employees.

Thefifth month is for gauging the policies.

-Thedepartment can also focus on getting feedback from the employeesconcerning the changes that have made.

-Themanagement would also be trained on how well to manage employeeunrest and how to motivate them given the performance appraisalsintroduced in the policy plan.

-Onthis point, it would be ideal to develop a process to gauge theperformance of employees and to develop a way to address poorperformance.

Thesixth month would be for employee wellness and staff recruitment.

-Also during the final phase of the six-month period, employeewellness would be an ideal point of focus which will entail ensuringthat the work environment for the employees is perfect andregistration of employees to trade unions.

-Finally,new employee recruitment for the unfilled roles would be needed.Also, employees that don’t meet the required qualifications wouldbe advised on ways to upscale and would be given time to comply withthe requirements.

Factors(three) in formulating the department

Whensetting up the department, any policies does exist that is to beconsidered. Three important policies that would be considered herewould be training, target and goals orientation and policyformulation. Four major Human Resource discipline in human resourcewill be engaged those being compensation and benefits, employeerelations, training and recruitment. Training ensures that thecompany has the right labor force. Employees relations entails howindividuals at the company interact with each other and goodrelations ensure the smooth running of the enterprise. Compensationsand benefits are the incentives that the employees get for being atthe company and which ensure that the right environment exists fortheir daily activities (Dhar, 2008, p. 140).

HumanResource alignment with the organizations strategic plan

TheHR department serves the plan of the organization given that it setsout timelines to goals which it supervises and ensures they are met.The department also acts as a supervisor to the performance of everyindividual to make sure they meet their targets this supervisionensures that the company will maximize on its profits while gettingquality from their employees. The department also serves theemployees by ensuring their needs are catered for like compensationand performance appraisals. It also ensures that employees havecomfortable working environment to maximize on their performance andin turns has an effect on the company output by quantity and quality.

Inconclusion, the HR department is formed mainly to cater for theemployee needs. The department is always at the forefront to ensurethat employees are satisfied with the conditions of their employmentand the environment that they are working in (McConnell, 2011, p.60). The department acts as a control measure ensuring that thecompany always remembers the plans and goals it set out to achieve.


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