Human resources management scenarios

Humanresources management scenarios



  1. Job analyzing duties and recruiting a physician practice personnel

Consideringthe substantial growth of the physician practice in the last fiveyears, it is essential for the administrator to address the risingclinical and financial record needs to ensure a smooth running ofoperations by the healthcare personnel. To do so, the administratorought to define the requirements (Gilbert,DeWinne, &amp Sels, 2015).That includes their personalities, work ethics as well as how thecandidates present themselves. After that, he or she should describethe ideal candidate. An individual who will be able to run theclinical and financial record needs with competence and high levelsof professionalism, make adjustments in terms of monetarycompensation, working hours, conducive working environment andcreating a system where the employee will have an opportunity tolearn. Lastly, the administrator should come up with a clearprocedure on the most efficient method to select the best candidate(Gilbertet al. 2015).

2.Training patient care technicians

Trainingthe care professionals can be costly and time-consuming. Therefore,the vice president should identify the amount of financial resourcesallocated to the program. Then, he or she should be able to determinethe number of members to be trained and the cost for each. Tominimize the costs, the vice president should divide the teams intogroups, for instance some members should be selected to be trainedon basic laboratory procedures and tests, and others will be takenthrough patient preparation, maintaining medical records(Gilbert et al. 2015).Thatwill ensure specialization and improved performance.

3.Specific responsibilities of an assisted living facility marketingspecialist

Thefacility administrator should focus on the needs of the peopleresiding in the assisted living facility. In conducting the analysis,it is important for the administrator to take note of the servicesprovided, for instance, performing household chores which includedoing laundry, cooking and serving food and arranging sheets (Gilbertet al. 2015).That will give the marketing specialists an idea on the areas toemphasize on in a bid to increase the census of the facility.

4.An ambulatory care clinic plans to add a new diagnostic imagingequipment to compete for more patients in its service area.

First,the ambulance care clinic should determine the efficiency of thediagnostic imaging equipment in enhancing its activities. They shouldconduct research to establish if other healthcare facilities havetried using the equipment and its degree of success. After gatheringsufficient information, the clinic should involve all thestakeholders to discuss the idea of purchasing the equipment(Gilbert et al. 2015).Thatwill also allow them to agree on the costs which should be set asidefor acquiring the medical tool together with the expenses to beincurred in training the relevant personnel thus ensuring that it hasa higher competitive advantage compared to other clinics offeringsimilar services.

Inmy opinion, the plan to purchase the diagnostic imaging equipment isthe most challenging issue because it involves the adoption andincorporation of new technology into the clinic’s operations. Apartfrom the financial aspect involved in the purchase and training ofemployees, there is a possible risk that might arise if the machinedoes not meet the expectations.


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