Human System Redesign

HumanSystem Redesign:

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HumanSystem Redesign

Seemingly,people who live together, mostly have shared history. Notably, thisis a significant aspect of life, as it gives individuals a sense ofbelonging. Also, this serves to propel people to work together andachieve better while working as a team. Sharing history and even alanguage becomes the ground upon, which culture is formed. However,just like everything with advantages, this has some setbacks. Havinga strong culture is dangerous as it brings about the resistance tochange. According to Daft (2015), culture is like personality. Justlike it is hard to alter a person’s personality, so is changing aculture.

Accordingto Schein (2009), there are different things that can make peoplechange. These threats could either be: economical, technological,legal, moral, or internal. The primary cause for change, however, isscandals and disasters. Consequently, this is usually enough proofthat the culture and normal practices are not working as required.Therefore, this pushes them to look for other techniques of doingthings, for them to survive. In spite of change being a necessarything for survival, it has some challenges. The most common one beingthat there’s fear of losing positions, or power. Persons may resistchange because they think that if they do, their positions will belower and someone else will be ahead of them in the hierarchy. Thiscould be as a result of another position arising, which is morepowerful.

Meaningis created in mind from the words we hear based on a person’sexperiences. The people in a specific system have similarexperiences. Accordingly, this points out that at some point, somewords or phrases might have different meanings from how other peopleperceive them. Nonetheless, the common thing about language is that,each system has its own unique linguistic.


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