Hunting and Gathering


Huntingand Gathering

Huntingand Gathering

Thepost-classicalperiod gets referredto as the Post-ancient era, or pre-modernor also the post-antiquity.It is the timethat existed before the ancient history then followed by the recenttrend. In this case, this error tends to fall between 200 to 600 and1200 to 1500. The name era of the history getsderivedfrom classical antiquity of Europe. Trends in hunting and gatheringas pertains history will receive discussion as below.

Inthe post-classicalperiod,Hunting and gathering groups started settling down and formingvillages. The move led to the fast expansion of agricultural andother communities. But Despite the presence of much more advancedtypes of societies, there were many parts of the world that huntingand gatheringareprolonged to flourish. Even after a hundred years ago, they existedin large numbers in parts of the new world and places like Australia,in the Africa’s rain forest parts, some of the remote areasof the SouthEast Asia and the nearby islands of northernAsia.

Althoughas time passed,some significantchanges got adoptedby the hunting and gathering societies. These changes gotcausedby some of these factors that include population, nomadic, theeconomy, religion, education, stratification,and kinship. Due to the inevitable result of their subsistencetechnology modern hunting and gathering communities are in mostcases,nomads. Some of the several reasons that made them moveinclude searching for new food supplies, seasonal changes, andconflicts within their groups. Besides that population tends to beone other change factor major turning points since their survivaldependsonmost in groups( Societies, n.d.).

Huntingand gathering changes took place in the areas of China,India, Africa and most parts of Europe. For example, most parts ofAfrica were affected by these changes that were brought about by theintroduction of education and religion as a key element ofmissionaries. Besides the fact that these communities used to live insmall groups, many of them had to abandon their culture,and this is evident in the remaining villagesthat gotscatteredover some minorregions (HistoryWorld, 2007).

Inmost instances, survival for the young kids got deemed a toughventure.It led to more positive impact because people could engage themselvesin business as they could exchange the farm products, they couldbuild some permanent structures that could enable them to survive inthe changing weathers. In the current world,it`sobviousthat innovations like technology havechanged the lives of many people since they communicate and shareideas that could benefit them in the end like coming up with drugs totreat certain illnesses and all that. It is clear that the practiceof hunting and gathering may cease to exist because of the rules andregulations put in place protecting individualanimal species and plants.



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