Hurt Locker



Filmedin the Jordan desert while working under some of the intenseconditions, Theremains a blockbuster in the film industry. Theuse of cinematography techniques has portrayed this movie as real andout of this reality, ethical issues have arose.

Analysisof Technique

Filmmakerstell their historical stories visually or aesthetically in differentways. While focusing on the scene that covers the 19th through to the22nd minute, the use of visuals and aesthetics are obvious. Thecamera used in this session has unstable moves characterized bysudden pans and jittery handling. There is the application of Pointof View shot as portrayed by the looking through the riflescope. Inthe scene, there is displaying of observers who are looking throughthe windows and from rooftops. Through this, there is a feeling ofthreat and uncertainty created.

Thereis use of extreme-close up by the actors, which is used to depictintense moments and instances that need suspense. A case in point isthe taxi-driver scene. The camera is zoomed in and shows the eye ofthe driver.

Inthis scene, there is a clear indication of multiple use of camera ina creative manner. There are different angles and cameras placed atdifferent places such in tight spots and low angle perspectives.

Exampleof low perspective angle of a camera.

Thereis the use of frontal lighting, which portrays the area to be verynatural. The use of neutral colors helps show the real situation onthe ground and reflect the Iraq environment. The color also reflectsthe dust and dirt as it is on the ground. Editing done in the movieis not sequential as the case with most movies. The editing styleused here is fast-paced and random.

Thesound in this scene is critical as it shows the intensity of thesituation. There is non-diegetic sound in the music sequence. Musicis instrumental in nature but with an emphasis on long, low, eeriesounds to portray the situation’s intensity. Notably, the soundsare overlapping to emphasize commotion and confusion. The soundblends properly with the action. Thompson’s heavy breathing comesout quite. The natural sound effects help to display the real life ofwar.

Moralor Ethical Concern

Themovie in this scene and other areas portrays the Iraq government andits people in bad light. Iraq is shown as a shadowy and almostinsensitive place. There is also feeling that as much as the U.Ssoldiers are in Iraq to fight insurgents, there is a bad relationbetween them and the people. This is shown by the people referring tothem as “Haji,” meaning the enemy.

Themilitary who are members of a given family in U.S is also portrayedin a bad light. There is an instance where the military man leaves acivilian to bleed to death. This does not raise any ethical awarenessas humans. Through the techniques, the film is a reality in itselfand hence raising ethical questions in instances that cannot beavoided.