I am a nostalgic person. I enjoy old-style products because of their

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Iam a nostalgic person. I enjoy old-style products because of theirlong history and classic tastes. For an instance, Justin Bieber’sand Taylor Swift’s pop songs do not excite me like other teenagers.The songs are based on contemporary themes and styles, which suggestthat the artists targeted the young people as their main audience.The two artists did an incredible job and produced songs that appealto the modern generation. However, I prefer listening to “Becausewe believe” by Andrea Bocelli, one of my favorite singers. It ismuch easier for me to calm down and focus when I put mind into theworld of classical music than listening to pop songs. The classicalmusic, unlike the pop songs, sparks creativity, boosts memory, andsupercharges human brain. It is from these facts that I derive mydesire for classical products. However, my friends always make fun ofme because I sing songs that sound outdated when we go karaoke.However, I enjoy listening to the songs. I believe that every classicproduct has its own charm and power, which make me imagine the framesthat existed during that era and feel the culture behind it.

Iwas impressed by magnificent skyscrapers (such as Rockefeller Center)when I first came to New York, one of the oldest cities in the UnitedStates. I had always thought that New York is an urban, modern, andsplendid city that is occupied by people who do not have any culturalbackground. In my imagination, a metropolitan city is supposed to beoccupied by individuals who may not be able to identify with anyethnic group or associate themselves with the cultural practices. Onthe contrary, I discovered that New York City is rich in culture, andits residents have a unique lifestyle. They pursue their dreams in abusy and fast environment, which is similar to my hometown, Shanghai.

Ihad an opportunity to take the subway, and I noticed that the stationwas shabby and dirty, which is similar to the scenes in the populardrama, Friends. No major changes were made, 20 years after the launchof the movie. However, I found the city quite attractive, especiallywhen I took the subway. I felt like I was living in the 90s, and itwas exciting. I could imagine the kind of experience that people inthat era might have enjoyed on their way to school or work. The lackof changes in the city does not only imply that the stakeholder inNew York failed to enhance the levels of hygiene, but it also meansthat the cultural artifacts were retained. The limited changes helpthe city maintain its originality, which helped me reflect on theexperiences of the people who lived there in the 90s.

TheNew York University is among the key institutions of higher learningthat are located in the heart of the city. Just like one studentreflected, “The biggest difference between NYU and other collegesis the fact that you live in the NYC,” I am longing to study in acollege with a rich culture, which could also help me focus on thestudy. I would like to understand the deep culture behind thisclassic, and put mind into it. Therefore, the university will give mean extra opportunity to learn, besides what I will gain during theclassroom teaching.