Impact of Apple Technological Innovation on Society

Impactof Apple Technological Innovation on Society

WhatTechnological Innovation Has Made the Biggest Impact on Society inthe Last 10 Years and Why (#1 Apple I-Phone, Apple Computer and AppleTV

Applebegan its technological game changer in 1984 with the primer of theMacintosh. In the present day, Apple is a front-runner globally withgame-changing innovations such as the iPhone, the Apple Computer, andApple TV. These Apple products revolutionized the way we play, workand listen to music. The paper discusses Apple’s technologicalinnovation impact on the smartphone industry and society in the lastten years.

TheiPhone is the first Apple smartphone model design that was introducedby Apple CEO Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007. iPhone was an ideaconceived by Steve Jobs of using a multi-touch touch screen tointerrelate with the computer in a way one can directly type onto thedisplay, basically removing the physical mouse and keyboard. Theresult of the idea is the iPhone which is a combination of threedevices, a phone, an iPod and an internet communicator.The iPhonetransformed the smartphone industry where afore the iPhone,smartphones either looked like Nokia and Blackberries but after theiPhone smartphones now worked and looked like iPhone.

TheApple computer iMac has made computing beautiful since its debut inAugust 1998. The original iMac eliminated the floppy disk, introducedUSB links as a replacement for expansion cards while also being thefirst PC to bring the simplicity of usage to the arcane world ofinternet. iMac’s glossy translucent plastics and plunging curvesare not only inspiring to other computer manufacturers but also tomakers of game comforts, steam irons, and grilling machines. Aneffect clearly observed with a wide imitation of a 2007-2012 model ofiMac that fused aluminum and glass.

AppleTV is another incredible innovation by Apple founded on apps made forthe TV set. The Apple TV apps let you decide on content to watch andat what time to watch. The TV remote has a fun user interface Siriwhere users can search for movies and TV programs with their voicesthrough various content provider concurrently. Apple TV runs atvOSTMoperatingsystem founded on Apple’s iOS that enables masses of iOS inventorsbuild inventive games and apps for Apple television and directlyprovide them to consumers over the Apple TV AppStoreTM.

Inconclusion, it is clear that Apple has revolutionized technologythrough its cutting edge innovation and its impact is felt inmagnitude worldwide by the Apple product consumers and the smartphoneindustry.