Impact of Guns on Delinquent Violence


Impactof Guns on Delinquent Violence

Impactof Guns on Delinquent Violence

Itis evident that juvenile violence is presently a grave concern in thecriminal justice sector and that exposure to guns has something to dowith it. Studies indicate that there is a link between gun violenceand delinquency (Pyrooz &amp Decker, 2013). The youths and childrenare usually exposed to guns at tender ages through action movies,violent games, and gangs, and this has the potential to lead tocriminal violence. Therefore, this paper will present a discussion onthe impact of guns on delinquent violence.

Theyouths and children access guns through several ways. These includehaving friends who carry the weapon, being a member of a gang, andhaving a family member (parent or sibling) owning one.Regardlessof whichever way one accesses a gun, it has been established thatthese increases gun-related delinquency. The impacts of guns ondelinquent violence include increased rates of insecurity, emergenceof new gangs, as well as gun-related injuries. When the youth carryguns for protection or as a sign of identity with a particular gang,they can be encouraged to use violence in the future. The motivationto use violence occurs when the children or the youth get used to thegun ferocity. A study undertaken by Ferguson and Olson (2014) linkedviolent games with delinquency and attention deficit signs.Therefore, since playing violent games has the potential to lead todelinquency, accessing guns will aggravate this process. Therefore,guns remain integral for one’s progression to delinquent behaviorand measures need to be adopted to remove them from the hands ofjuveniles.

Inconclusion, this paper established that the impacts of guns ondelinquent violence are devastating. They increase the rate ofinsecurity, gun-related injuries, and the number of gangs. It wasdetermined that guns play a momentous role in the development ofdelinquent behavior.


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