Impacts of Technology on the Survival of Human Beings

Impactsof Technology on the Survival of Human Beings

Itis clear that as a result of technology, people have seen severaltransformations be it on transport or communication. However, despiteits significances, it has adverse effects on individuals since itthreatens people’s survival. Notably, the problem with technologyis that most innovations have unintended consequences which pile upcreating dangers and causing harm on existential magnitude.

Theglobal dimming which is the decrease of solar radiation reaching theearth is one of the climatic concerns that threaten the survival ofhuman beings. It is as a result of human activities and technologicalevolution that has occurred over the last few decades. Specifically,gasses such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide ascend to theatmosphere from industries and other activities such astransportation and mining (Stanhill 908). These materials formparticulate pollution majorly known as aerosols that act asprecursors to global dimming

Thereare several scientific pieces of evidence of global dimming that hasbeen facilitated by the technology which threatens the existence ofboth humans and other species. Firstly, the reflection of solarenergy has made the water in northern hemisphere colder reducing therate of evaporation which generates little water droplets (Stanhill910). This causes reduction of rainfall which can cause drought andfamine leading to the death of people. According to the study carriedby Stanhill, most droughts experienced by the planet have been causedthrough global dimming (911).

Secondly,solar energy is imperative for the growth of plants and even survivalof other species. Lack of efficient solar energy that some parts ofthe world are experiencing as a result of global dimming has causedthe extinction of some plant and animal species. The death of suchspecies interferes with both food chain and food web which ultimatelythreatens the survival of human beings.

Followingthe discussion herein, it can be concluded that other than itspositive impacts, technology has got adverse effects that loomssurvival of human beings. One of the outcomes of technology thatthreatens people’s lives is global dimming. Notably, it causesdrought and extinction of most plant and animal species which lateraffect the survival of human beings.


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