Importance of a Cover Letter

Importanceof a Cover Letter

Importanceof a cover letter

Acover letter is an essential document in many job applications sinceit is the job applicant’s way of getting the employers attention.According to Manpower, a leading human resource company, when a jobseeker points out the position that they are applying for, theyensure that the letter gets to the right desk. Without a coverletter, the resume will be a vague document that lacks additionalinformation to define its purpose. Thus, the cover letter acts as asummary of the work that a person is applying for. Also, the coverletter is important in making sure that the employer understands whyan individual is fit for a particular job. A cover letter projects anapplicant’s data in the shortest and most effective way that givesan employer a holistic view of the person (“The Importance of theCover Letter,” 2015 Thomas, 2015).

Whena person is writing a cover letter, they demonstrate how they canperform when given a specific role to the benefit a company. A personcan prove his or her suitability for a certain position by outliningtheir accomplishments, stating why they believe they will excel atthe new position, and how their experience will be valuable for thejob that they are applying for. Also, the cover letter allows jobseekers to make use of statistics from their previous workexperience. When they quote statistics, they are more likely tocapture the attention of the human resource personnel. Includingstatistical information in a resume without further explanation inthe cover letter will make the data vague (“The Importance of theCover Letter,” 2015 Thomas, 2015).

Thecover letter is similar to a marketing proposal. Its main aim is tostimulate the interest of the hiring department to warrant a call foran interview. According to human resource consultants Susan Ali-Davisand Patrick O’Brien, some people assume that since companies useApplicant Tracking Systems (ATS), the cover letter is long gone.However, they state that a cover letter is the first interactionbetween a prospecting employee and the hiring company and that firstimpressions matter a lot. Mary Foglia who is the Senior Recruiter forPlanned Parenthood holds a similar view by stating that when a jobseeker fails to utilize the networking capabilities of the coverletter, they are likely to miss out on the employment opportunity.Therefore, it is important for any job applicant to recognize theability of the cover letter in getting them that important follow-upcall (O’Brien and Ali-Davis, 2013 Crispo, 2015).


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