Industrial engineering


Ihave a wish to major in industrial engineering at UIUC. I hold thebelief that taking the course will be crucial for my future career asI shall gather all the important skills and information that will becrucial for carrying out my mandate and displaying a betterperformance. The dream to focus on the field has always been aninspiration to me and as a result, I have had to put in a lot of hardwork and commitment to my studies to get a good chance to land achance to undertake the course in my future studies and be in a goodposition to fully get into the position and start practicing it.

Thereare two reasons that have pushed me to take the course. One of themis the fact that I have been to many motor factories such asMercedes, BMW, and Audi. The kind of activities that go around insuch plants are quite inspiring much as they show an excellentdisplay of skills and talent. The way the factories are run and theirability to show excellent performance greatly amazed me. Such anobservation made me wish to be part of the team that carries outmajor industrial constructions such as the engineers that have beenin the process of designing and making the vehicles.

Thesecond reason I chose the course is because I took an engineeringdesign class last year. The class had a great semblance to industrialengineering and I greatly enjoyed it. We managed to discuss manyissues that take place in engineering as well as got put to solveproblems that are majorly faced in the field of industrialengineering. The resultant effects of the class made me have a shiftin thoughts regarding engineering. I got to find the field quiteenjoyable as opposed to beliefs that I held regarding it most of mylife as I thought that it was boring. I believe that takingindustrial engineering will form a good basis for me to learn more inthe field and improve my level of understanding of the topic. I shallalso get to showcase a high level of better performance once Idevelop the skills and get a chance to work at a major manufacturingplant.