Industrial Video Research Assignment

IndustrialVideo Research Assignment

IndustrialVideo Research Assignment


AppleInc. is a multinational company which has been revolutionary in theconsumer electronics industry and the provision of internet services. However, Apple has no internal media department. Instead, itoutsources media services from other companies. This is because it isimperative that Apple develops eye-catching advertisements for itsnew devices with the aim of increasing sales.


TheCalifornia State government has placed a request for proposal (RFP)for film production. This is because the state government is lookingfor independent media entities so that it can get airtime andcoverage on television and radio. This RFP has been issued by theStrategic Communication unit under the Office of the Governor.


TheClinton Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is toraise the living standards of people living in third world countries.The foundation supports various causes such as disaster relief,health, and education. They use videos to not only educate the massesabout their programs, but also to solicit donations. The foundationoutsources the production of videos from independent filmmakers.


Thegrant opportunities available in the website cater for bothindividuals and groups. This increases the chances for both groupsand individuals to obtain funding for projects. These grantopportunities are advantageous since they even fund small projects.This is because even small projects that play an impactful role inthe society are also funded since they contribute to societal change.


Mediaprojects benefit from the California Arts Council through the Arts onAir funding project. This financing project enables individuals withmedia projects to contribute to the efforts to promote impactfulpublic media content. This grant facilitates the creation of on-airbroadcast content on television and radio. Moreover, content thatpromotes Californian artistic values is also eligible for the artson-air grant.


TheBavac Group is committed to impacting invaluable knowledge and skillsto its media students. By so doing, it prepares them to initiatesocietal change by encouraging them to share their diverse stories.This opens doors for students who did not even attend film school toexpress themselves through the artistic use of technology. It offersdiscounted membership by giving students discounted classes. Thereare different membership tiers which are the media maker, youth mediamaker, and producer which costs fifty-five, twenty-five, and onehundred and thirty-five dollars. The memberships entail invites tospecial events.


TheSan Francisco Film Society incubates upcoming filmmakers. Thisenables the society to fund innovative and exceptional films whichwould otherwise be ignored. It also supports women who are working inthe male-dominated film industry by providing them with the muchneeded financial assistance. It also organizes a host of programswhich aim at mentoring filmmakers and giving them the necessaryindustry exposure and connections by linking upcoming filmmakers withother filmmakers.


TheScary Cow is a film production company which helps filmmakers producefilms by availing the resources they require. The company offersfilmmakers networking opportunities enabling them to link up withother filmmakers thus making it easier for them to form film-makingcrews. It also trains filmmakers thus impacting them with thenecessary skills required to produce quality films. Finally,filmmakers at scary cow get an opportunity to screen the movie at thecompany`s majestic Castro Theater.


FoundationOnline provides the vital service of linking individuals with grantmakers with the hope that they will also earn. The foundation enablesusers to search through its database of organizations and charitieswhich provide grants. It also provides users with a tool referred toas the &quotGrantmaker Portfolio&quot which organizes specificinformation about grant givers. Moreover, it avails other importantinformation such as news about grant makers and RFPs (Requests forProposals)


Underthe PND RFP Alert, there are numerous types of requests forproposals. These include funding for writer and financing for localperforming artists. Others include funding for solicited proposalsand grant writer funding.