Information Technology


TheAmerican Psychological Association (APA) style of formatting has itsset of guidelines that distinguish it from other formatting styles.Of all the APA formatting requirements, the abstract has to be thehardest part. The abstract is a significant component of any essaybecause it provides a description of a person’s work at thebeginning and allows the reader to determine whether the articlecontains the information that they want. It is hard to sum up all therelevant content and procedures within the limited section of theabstract. As such, the abstract may make the essay appear shallow orirrelevant to an individual’s research, yet it contains theinformation that they are looking for. For any writer wishing towrite a good abstract they should consider the following aspects.One, they should begin by introducing the essay to the reader. Two,the writer should highlight the intent, techniques, findings,conclusions, and the recommendations of the research. These two stepswill make the abstract comprehensive (Beins, 2012).

Theribbon in Office 2007 and Office 2013 is an important tool that makeswork easier and faster. It acts as a shortcut that intelligentlygroups all the necessary functions that are pertinent to what aperson is doing. In office 2003 a person would find themselves usingthe search bar to find features that were already within the softwaresince they were clattered and hidden behind other icons. Placingcommands within a few menus make identification easier. The user hasto know what they want to do before locating the menu. For instance,to insert a bibliography, one finds the option right under the“References” tab. Other similar applications should includeribbons to make it easier for their users. Applications that have ahigh number of commands stand to benefit from the use of ribbons.However, softwares with few commands do not need a ribbon (Habraken,2013).


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