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Sociologicalanalysis of Pig Earth

Thebook “Pig Earth” looks at the Marxist nature of the society andhow it perceives the peasants who have to survive so as to live. Thebook is a trilogy in bringing real meaning to the history of peasantsin Europe whereby the author talks about the symbiosis applied bysociety and how it is interpreted from a sociological perspective.From this book, peasants play an important role in fending for thesociety but this is not seen by the ordinary citizens since the issueis always covered up by the bourgeoisies.

Thetime period and setting affected the outcome of the work because itwas bringing out the actual life experiences of the peasants in termsof the socioeconomics in a Marxist political economy. The book bringsout the fact that peasants are very important people who fend thesociety, but their products are taken up to fend the rich leavingthem with little for themselves. This perspective during the Marxistera influenced the success of the book by bringing out the realexperiences or thoughts of peasants (Berger14).

Deathis prevalent in the book and it is as a result of the hardships thatthe peasants go through in the village life. The peasants have towork hard to provide for the family but they do not really enjoy theproduce. This results in hardships as seen in the poignant narrativeThe “Three Lives of Lucy Cabrol”. Being part of funerals andweddings and funerals was a normal thing in the life of a peasant(Berger56). A lot of injustices executed by the bourgeoisies also led to thedeaths.

Duringthe great depression, the economy experienced a down turn in the westand this greatly affected the stock market. Unsold goods started topile up and production went down. It was a dark moment for thepeasants in the rural areas because the crop prices fell by up to60%. Some of the farmers were even forced to look for alternativejobs like mining.

Inconclusion, the peasants play a critical role in feeding people intowns and are also the most productive part of the society. However,this is often overlooked and they are taken advantage of to the pointthat they do not have produce remaining to meet their personal needs.The peasants also go through a lot of hardships that should beaddressed from a socioeconomic perspective.


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